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  • The way we were: Love (and Longing) in Bombay, No Kiss Just Kitsch

    Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - August 03, 2013 01:12 AM IST
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    Verdict - Taming of the Shrew Meets Kaho Na Piyar Hai with a tadka of Maine Piyar Kiya

    Love in BombayRelease date : August 02, 2013

    1973 (or 1971 as some put it as). Lets just say some time in the early 70s, Joy Mukherji/Mukherjee--well loved actor of such hits like Love in Simla and Ek Musafir Ek Hasina, director of Rajesh Khanna's (ironically the man who ended his successful run as India's sweetheart) Chailla Babu, produces and stars in Love in Bombay.
    The movie runs into distribution problems and languishes in a storage space somewhere.

    True to the films of the 70s where the pater familias passes away, beloved son discovers the identity of the baby that Daddy had abandoned , struggling through the course of the film to "welcome Abandoned Brother to bosom of the family" and arrange for said estranged sibling to earn rightful place in world; Munjoy Mukherjee (Joy Mukherjee's eldest son) on the death of his father too discovered Missing Sibling (the missing film negatives) and then spent an year restoring the film
    Now the question is will the film like all the Abandoned Brothers from the 70s find a Happy Ending by the time the end credits roll or not.

    If the film had released in 1974 it would have seen as its competitors at the box cinema Roti , Kapda Aur Makan; Chor Machaye Shor and Aap Ki Kasam. This week it releases at the same time as umm Smurfs 2, Rabba Mai Kiya Karu, BA Pass and surreal alert Chor Chor Super Chor.
    Should you still go and watch it?
    Films tell a tale of us, the way we were. Cinema remains a time capsule about what we ate, what we wore, what we watched at a particular period in time. Has humor changed? And what hasn't and enraptures us still? I have never been one to hold much stock in the term "dated". Would a Sholey be ever referred to as "particular for its own time period". Arent Dilip Kumar , Madhubhala and THAT feather the defining encounter for sensuality on celluloid? Isnt Hrisheksh Mukherjee's humour timeless? And an Issaq would have been problematic even if it was released in the bad ol' 80s where we had a particular market for pulp.

    Love in Bombay with it's much loved star cast of Kishore Kumar, Waheeda Rahman , TunTun, RajendraNath, Rahman and Mukherji himself is a madcap caper of ship wrecked lovers and samaj ki devar fathers. An amateur diver who fishes shells for tourists is duped by Evil Smugglers to dive for gold. Evil Smugglers work as the crew on tycoon daddy's ship. Tycoon Daddy's Head Strong Daughter ( Waheeda Rahman )will fall in hate before love! Think Kaho Na Piyar Hai meets Taming Of The Shrew on the high seas. You think its going to be one Gilligan Island but when they return to civilization, Tycoon Daddy pulls off a Maine Piyar Kiya Alok Nath. Three months to earn 5 lakh if you want to marry my daughter.
    Oh the crazy fashions you will see. Silk shararas, Tulle skirts .You realise some things never change , we feared the Primitive Black Man then , and we continue to mock the Black as Not So Beautiful today. People fall in love over Dettol Wali Koi Chott Nahi and pets will save the day ( and film) pulling off a Bhaag Milkha Bhaag running on a hurt ankle after being bashed by jealous rivals.

    The movie is ridiculous and sexist but oh so much fun! You know how they say ( also in this movie) KIYA MUHABBAT KARNE KA HAQ SIRF AMEERO KO HAI.. I ask you Kiya Mindless Entertainment aur Sexist Humor Ka Haq Sirf Rohit Shetty and Sajid Khan Ko Hai?

    Watch it for Waheeda fashioning a grass skirt out of plastic yellow flowers, dancing in a mirrored ghagra choli on top of a red racing car as it hurtles down Marine Drive a Joy Mukherji on horseback in pursuit. Joy dressed as a Pathan whipping Evil Villain in drag, Waheeda dancing as a belly dancer. Kishore Kumar parrying with bro Ashok playing a Bhai. You will also discover Waheeda wasn't all Muslim social sighing at the full moon. She of the incredibly svelte cheekbones pulls off a Helen shimmying around a camp fire, teasing the Primitive as Sexual Beast in addition to a sultry Zeenat Aman with a chillum later in the film.

    Oh the places you will go with this movie. There are evil fathers faking heart attacks rolling down a stair case, bright red telephones, To watch KishoreDa singing Ganpat Rao to a dancing bear while a demure Indira Gandhi beams from the wall in the same frame. Unpacking the text, borderline homoerotic as Businessmen Dads clasp hands and stare into each other's eyes SAALO SE BUSINESS KIYA HAI AB DOSTI KO AUR GEHRA KARTE HAIN. Gulp! Naah lets get the kids married.

    The Negatives : patchy sound quality at one stage and colors that are washed out in the first ten minutes

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