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Loveyatri Review- Not for this Navratri

  • Yogeshwari Birla

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    Desimartini | Updated - October 17, 2018 10:36 AM IST
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    LoveyatriWatch trailerRelease date : October 05, 2018

    Young and attractive Sushrut, playing a role of a Gujarati boy, and Michelle, an NRI girl, meet during the festival of lights, sound, music, and garba, Navratri, the celebration of the power of women. After this meeting, Michelle returns home to the United Kingdom and our hero Sushrut, 'Susu' as he's fondly called embarks on his journey to find his love and take her back to his life.
    Salman Khan Films' Love Yatri (LoveYatri), is definitely fun and amusing but do not leave any impression of Ayush Sharma. His Bollywood debut is quite dull and doom. The chemistry with Warina Hussain in the movie is good but anyhow it is a very straightforward love story. Their story has the same drama of the family status, which we are bored of watching. Rakesh and Nagendra, Susu's friends, often referred to as Rocket and Negative say, “aukaat ka thoda problem hai”. This also continues the drama of ‘Indian father of the girl’, who has an NRI daughter. This status problem is same with the audience and it failed to connect with the audience as well as the critics. This really fails to grip the appeal of more contemporary romance stories. There is no love or sympathy for this pair of clueless lovebirds who tried their best to appeal to the audience. To support the cast, Arbaaz Khan and Salman Khan are also in the movie doing a cameo. Even after the presence of great stars, this movie only receives and deserves two stars.

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