Lucknow Central Review

  • Rahul Bharadwaj

    Rahul Bharadwaj

    Desimartini | Updated - September 16, 2017 1:35 AM IST
    3.2DM (13831 ratings)

    Verdict - Surprisingly gripping and worth a watch!

    Lucknow CentralWatch trailerRelease date : September 15, 2017


    Most of the times you walk in to watch Bollywood movies with low expectations and you find to your dismay that even those low expectation are high for such movies.They are that bad.

    Lucknow Express however belongs to the category which the audiences enjoy as a big group.The pleasant surprise is worth all the duds that you keep watching.

    Lucknow Express has a fourth gear screenplay right from the word go. A man gets caught in a unfair murder charge and is imprisoned.He plots a brilliant escape plan but does he escape? That is the basic plot line.

    The beauty of Lucknow Central of course is the way the director has built a wholesome heart warming story around this basic plot premise.

    The choice of actors is super accurate , Farhan Akhtar as Kishan,Deepak Dobriyal as Victor, Inamulhaq as Dikkat, Rajesh Sharma as Purushottam and Ronit Roy as the sadist ruthless jailor are some of the stand out performances of this movie. The brilliant lines of humour and each character’s own small stories are so brilliantly woven into the story that each one of those stories hit you and stay with you during the course of the movie.

    Ravi Kishan as the typical CM politician has rendered a brilliant cameo in this one.

    Lucknow Central has such brilliantly written eastern UP dialogues – nyay na hua pauua ho gaya thoda aur..thoda aur..!!!

    The biggest hallmark of a movie’s success is when its drama,comedy and emotional moments make the audiences react. After a long time I sat in a theatre where the audiences were totally connected with the movie throughout.

    Lucknow Express is one of the better made films of 2017 and those of you who dig different plots and what next style of story telling should make a dash for this one.

    Super job Team Lucknow Central !

    3.5 stars !








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