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Manmarziyaan Review

  • Rahul Bharadwaj

    Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 14, 2018 3:12 PM IST
    3.3DM (71290 ratings)

    Verdict - Manmarziyan could well be called Punjab Velvet !

    ManmarziyaanRelease date : September 14, 2018

    Frankly Anurag Kashyap might have as well called it Punjab Velvet. Confused girl falls in love with confused boy who then gets married to a confused suitor. The story is dragged on an on by a confused director who is also the confused writer of this movie.
    The regular Anurag Kashyap elements are full on display here too. In your face sexuality and comic moments around it. Sarcastic dark humor though you will have to search hard for it.
    The quality of screenplay is so third class that it is at best Who Saat Din meets Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam meets the dark story telling of Anurag Kashyap.
    The movie is about a love story which is not to find a happy ending and another one which does. Now which one falls where you got to figure that out yourself by watching it because I do not give spoilers.
    The movie has good elements in performances of Tapsee and Abhishek. Vicky Kaushal is royally wasted by the director.
    The movie does not have five moments which you will remember five minutes after walking out of the theater. Frankly the two scenes of sarcastic exchanges between Roby’s mother and the man Friday servant had more value.
    Somehow the gap between Anurag Kashyap’s super hyped image and what he delivers on screen is increasing and this movie is only another example of that trend. The man who gave us Wasseypur and DevD is clearly confused and lost in this one.
    Given the quality of its characters,screenplay and direction Kashyap should have called it Punjab Velvet.
    Stay away.

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