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Bizzare Brilliance

  • Ameet Bhuvan

    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 26, 2014 1:48 PM IST
    3.2DM (641 ratings)

    Verdict - Absurd, witty and strongly political, this one is a dcent watch

    Matru Ki Bijlee Ka MandolaWatch trailerRelease date : January 11, 2013

    In the quiotic world of Bharadwaj, anything is possible, even a pink colored buffalo and a stretch limo crashing into a bar in the middle of a wheat field. Continuing his love affiar with all things Shakespearean, Vishal packs in a strong political statement in an absurdly crafted satire.

    Mandola village is in the midst of a land problem, the rich man Mandola needs farmer's land to make an SEZ, the farmers need their farms, while the politician Devi ji needs her Pragati for Desh ki unnati. In the middle are an idealist Matru with strong leftist leanings and a stubborn Bijli, the bait everyone is after.

    With MKBKM, Bharadwaaj turns into the quintessential Shakespearean Jester, who in his own madcap manner jumps around mumbling nonsense, yet look closely and you would find him commenting on his world.

    Bharadwaaj, like a competent jester, touches issues from Land rights to FDI to politicians being a mirror of what we as a society are, yet does not take a stance, not once trying to espouse any ideology. He even ends up mocking the Mao's and Lal Salaams of the world with a twist that is revealed very early in the narrative. All of this is wrapped under a mix of satire, wry humor and plain absurdity that at times falls flat on its face.

    Supporting the directors vision amply is the stupendously delicious turn by Pankaj Kapoor as Mandola. Bharadwaaj makes Mandola again a very Bard like protagonist- split in his persona, evil, yet good hidden somewhere inside, remorseful, lost in his own delusions- Pankaj brings out the eccentricity of the character out with panache.

    He is a treat to watch and manages to off set the weaker parts of the film with his energy. Imran Khan passes muster while Anushka is decent playing herself to the hilt. Shabaana Azmi is the other stunner- her monologue is a testimony to her talent and experience in the industry.

    Despite all of this goodness, MKBKM does not cohese as a singularly brilliat film. The first half is haywire, all over the place, desperately in need of some crisping.

    The story gets back on track in the second half, packing in a strong punch only to loose the plot towards the climax again. A tad smaller by half an hour, and sans the indulgent absurdity, this wouldve been an amazing film. The way it stands now though, it is definitely worth a watch Go for it

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