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  • Crazy Stupid Love

    Mehul Suri (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - October 15, 2011 16:17 PM IST
    3.2DM (233 ratings)
    ModWatch trailerRelease date : October 14, 2011

    I remember the first film I ever reviewed for desimartini.com which was the Nicole Kidman starer "Rabbit Hole". Its almost been a year since and honestly in that time, I did not come across a single film that touched my heart so dearly. "Mod" though not the same quality and level of cinema, it still comes close enough.

    Nagesh Kukunoor is known to make films that beautifully portray human emotions and the subtleties of our interactions. His last two films, both of which were made with big stars and high budgets, failed to hit the spot. But with "Mod" he proves once again that you don't need either to made a good film.

    Its a simple story of love with a twist. That's how Mr. Kukunoor likes it. Ayesha Takia lives in a small quiet town in the hills. Her life's tough but simplistic. Her father's a drunkard who's wife left him and now he waits each day at the train station for her arrival. Just when life's all morose and dull, in comes Rannvijay, a secret admirer from the past and its waterfalls, endless supply of flowers and a lot of honest affection. But he hides a dark past and Ayesha's very notion of love gets challenged. Simple enough as a logline. But Kukunoor treats it with such sincerity that you at once feel the genuineness that this crazy thing called love demands.

    The film moves at a languid pace but the characters, the dialogue, the nuances in each and every frame and action make up for what is lost on people with low patience. Kukunoor treats his characters with such loving care that you at once fall in love with them. He is the kind of filmmaker who makes very strong female characters. So a special mention here for Tanvi Azmi, who is a jonga-driving, fabindia clad modern woman who is at once motherly with her kind advice and affection as she is modern and contemporary when downing tequila shots.

    Ayesha Takia handles her character with great dexterity and seems at ease on camera. She's put on weight post marriage/child but looks every bit the leading lady and displays charm, wit and the girl-next-door appeal. Raghuvir Yadav is every bit the thespian he is believed to be and his Kishore-bhakt character is fun and funny. But Rannvijay is the surprise package in the film. Honestly, I didn't think this Roadies bully could act but he shocks and scores. He is much better than the so called pedigree Bollywood. There is honesty, hardwork and a level of confidence that many seasoned actors sometimes fail to deliver.

    Do I recommend it. Hell ya. Now I know that this is the kind of film that the masses might reject and the critics might lap up. Or in some books, it could be total dud. But take my word for it, its one film that you just have to watch. If not now, remember to catch it on DVD. You'll fall in love.

    3.5 stars

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