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  • Mom Review: Edgy, exciting and thrilling story that keeps you hooked till the last scene.

    Bhavini Trikha (3,011 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - July 07, 2017 00:42 AM IST
    3.0DM (4967 ratings)

    Verdict - Stunning debut for Ravi Udaywar.

    MomWatch trailerRelease date : July 07, 2017

    Sridevi made a come back after five long years with Ravi Udyawar's MOM. After English Vinglish, obviously we all had a long list of expectations from her, and she didn't disappoint us at all. Well, not only was her acting brilliant but also the script and the story were so powerful, that they surely left a lasting impact on everyone.

    It's a story about a biology teacher Devki (Sridevi) and her mysterious relationship with her beautiful 18 year old step daughter Arya (Sajal Ali). Her life is shattered when her daughter is raped by her classmate and his gang. Since Devki was also, Arya's teacher, there was one incident where Devki threw away the classmate's phone for sending obscene messages to Arya. Therefore Arya blamed her mother for her rape.

    The story moves at very quick pace, the first half beautifully shows the relationship between a teenager and her stepmom, and later after her assault how the family faces the entire thing. Revealing the second half, would only spoil thesurprises the movie has in store for you.

    Detective DK (Nawazddin) is another interesting character in the film, that keeps you hooked, He plays a funny looking detective, that helps Devki. His role makes the movie, more edgy and exciting. Also Udyawar has reserved some very funny one liners for him, that keep the mood of the film light.

    The entire film keeps, you on the edge of your seat and you don't get bored even for a single second. It's a thrilling yet beautiful journey of a mother, who has to chose between "Wrong and very wrong".

    Sajal Ali and Adnan Siddiqui have both done amazing job with their roles, especially Sajal, you can feel her agony, restlessness, and pain.

    You enter the theatre with lot of expectations and leave smiling and satisfied. A must watch film.

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