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    Sidhant Shori (4,660 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 13, 2015 13:26 PM IST
    3.0DM (1057 ratings)

    Verdict - Turn down for Guruji!

    MSG: The MessengerWatch trailerRelease date : February 13, 2015

    MSG is a three and a half hour long sermon delivered in the guise of a movie. It's the sanctified version of a South Indian superhit. Ludicrous stunts and superpowers litter the 'plot' like the garbage Guruji cleaned up in one of the scenes in this movie. Think of every cringeworthy aspect of Indian cinema that even Bollywood dropped like a turd and you'll find that all of them have been collected and assembled into this abomination called MSG. Its still funny, though.

    Before the movie started, the viewers were treated to a trailer for MSG2. An ancient Guruji was fighting against tribals and blocking their arrows using a force field. The movie itself starts with an utterly atrocious song (for lack of a better word). This sets the tone for the utter rubbish that is to follow. All the drug dealers are having a meeting to discuss how to deal with Guruji, who has single handedly managed to bring addiction to an all time low. They send a ghoulish, bald 'angrej' (probably found using a time machine set to 1970's bollywood) to go and kill this Guruji. Meanwhile, as oblivious to this threat as an elephant is to ant, Guruji continues with his daily regimen. Some of the many activities in this regimen are; organising langars, driving laughably customized cars (which will later be sold for charity), organising a blood donation drive, doing photography in extremely figure hugging yoga pants and the like. All this is done while politicians and news channels try to defame him, while a token white girl from Ukraine makes a documentary on him. Essentially, a film within a film. Yes, MSG is that deep. Oh, the drug dealer collective have sent a femme fatale to dispose of him, whose identity is kept under wraps until the very end.

    MSG is appalling on every level as a movie. However, it's fairly entertaining if taken as a sermon. It's so bad its good and at times its so bad it's terrible. Probably the only way to enjoy this movie to its maximum potential is to go against the primary teachings of Guruji, that is to watch it under the influence of 'nasha'. Go for it (the movie, not nasha!) if you're in the mood to get as little from your time as humanly possible.

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