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  • Mukkaabaaz imparts voice to the voiceless.

    Dev Raj Gulati

    Desimartini | Updated - January 18, 2018 21:01 PM IST
    3.2DM (1314 ratings)

    Verdict - Not to be missed.

    MukkabaazWatch trailerRelease date : January 12, 2018

    With 4 camera men,5 producers and 6 scrip writers ,the movie under review needs to be noticed for several counts.
    It's contemporary,portrays the ugly and merkier side of the patriarchal small town society where caste is meant for exploitation ,gender discrimination is the rule and even the disabled are given a short shrift,Mukkaabaaz inflicts a KO punch to the thekedars of this unjust balance of power.The performances are tops,spoken word hits hard and direction ( Anurag Kashyap) is deft .The principal protagonist ( Vineet Kumar Singh) is no less than the angry man of Big B of the yore,Zoya Hussain ' conveys' a lot despite being mute ,a docile and hapless mother( Sadhana Singh) challenges her male and offcourse beyond a point even the cops side with the under dog.The antagonist is led by an upper caste tyrant ( Jimmy Shergill) in a ' devilish' performance and his cronies.
    The locale is three towns of the most populous state of India.The language spoken is desi.The CBFC is to be complemented for clearing the screening despite attacks on a dispensation in the state,some dialogues being highly provocative.
    Briefly ,the plot is about a lower caste person who aspires to be a national champion boxer( he isn't into studies for he never aspires to be an Abdul Kalam) who falls in love with the mute niece of the upper caste egoist lout.He gets married to her .Also trains himself to complete his mission.But both face obstacles,taunts and physical abuse and threats.The protagonist have the last laugh.
    One was expecting a summit fight in the climax.Though none happens.Instead it"s more of sermonising and cheers for the motherland.The length could have been pruned a bit.
    All in all Mukkaabaaz is a memorable film.

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