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  • For believers in moksha.

    Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - April 09, 2017 21:14 PM IST
    2.9DM (4208 ratings)

    Verdict - Must for the discerning viewers.

    Mukti BhawanWatch trailerRelease date : April 07, 2017

    Many elders who have fulfilled all their worldly duties towards their kith and kin ,have a premonition that their death could be nearing.They desire to depart in a peaceful manner without putting their next generation in any kind of financial and emotional discomfort.
    One Dayanand Kumar ( Lalit Behl),77,a retired school teacher ,has expressed such a desire to his only son Rajiv( Adil Hussain),to accompany him to Mukti Bhawan,a transitional last stop on the ghats of the Ganga in Varanasi.He has performed the ritual of Gaudaan and proceeded to Varanasi.
    The Bhawan's care taker Mishraji( Anil K Rastogi) has satisfied himself about the bonafide of Daya,that he's a vegetarian and not suffering from any critical ailment.Rooms here are leased out only for 15 days.Should death occur within these number of days,the lease automatically come to an end.The occupant has to finance and arrange for all financial and boarding and lodging needs on his own.
    The family members of Daya( his daughter-in-law law and grand daughter),besides her son are a worried lot.
    It so happens that Daya survives the lease tenure.What next? Instead of returning back to her home town,his lease is renewed under the name of Natwarlal.The end does come.He departs in peace and is cremated at the ghats.
    The choice of the topic looks bizarre to begin with ,but it has a rationale to it.Though none can time one's death,still a peaceful and planned departure could be desired by the devote.It reduces the immediate family members from the trauma and emotional distress,it's also a near penniless exit.
    Like old age homes,Mukti Bhawan provides companionship to the aged.They lead a pious life and devote their time to spritual pursuits.
    The theme,the presentation,the all round good performances uplift the film by several notches.Kudos to the debutant director cum director ( Shubhashish Bhutiani ) for imparting sensitivity to the proceedings.
    What more did the reviewer liked.The behaviour and concerns of the next generation seem to be real.Not many can spare time ,money and effort to take care of their parents in their old age.Here Rajiv is a 'reluctant Shravan Kumar' who is constantly worried about his job and responsibilities towards her wife( Geetanjali Kulkarni) and a grown up daughter( Palomi Ghosh).Navnindra Behl ( as Vimla Verma) who had out lived her husband at the Bhawan provides comforting companionship to Daya in his short stay.
    It seems people don't have time to even write the obituaries in their own way.Newspapers put out the obituaries in a standardised format in their columns,only the names and relationships of the departed have to be filled up.
    Watched the movie with moist eyes .Highly recommended.

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