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Mulk Review-

  • Pratibha Singh

    Pratibha Singh (200 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 09, 2018 7:11 PM IST
    3.2DM (13146 ratings)
    MulkRelease date : August 03, 2018

    Mulk is a highly dramatic movie that depicts how a Muslim family in India faces hatred, disowned, humiliated and torn-apart by society. The movie focuses on how a family struggles throughout the tenous period when Ali Mohammed’s(Rishi kapoor) nephew voluntarily joins the terrorism squad in the name of Jihad to result a bomb blast. His actions had adverse effects on the family and left them to face the consequences. Loyalty of the family got questioned as it was hard time to prove themselves as innocent and their love for the country is pure beyond doubt.
    Director Abhinav Sinha goes an extra mile and brilliantly portrayed the prejudice that predates perception of people’s towards the muslim community in our country. It demonstrates dark, intriguing and disturbing phase where the country is polarized and getting divided in the name of religion, a film like this is the need of the hour.
    The casts which have been selected for their roles had a solid impact on the audience. Rishi Kapoor as expected was fabulous in his character. His monologue to prove his family is not a terrorist is heart touching. There is a strong dialogue “Mere ghar me mera swagat karne ka haq unhe kisne diya?” is highly intensive. Tapsee eventually picked up her character and her emotional and power packed performance made the climax amazing. Ashutosh Rana with a wicked smile heated up the court room by directly attacking the muslim community.
    The best part about the film was the climax and the cast that were assigned for the roles, they simply nailed it. Music was upto the mark as Khudra song played in the background was related with the hardships the family was going through. The sad part is movie is a bit slow at the beginning. Mulk is a film which is hard-hitting, brave, highly impactful and a must watch.

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