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MUMMY PUNJABI..Truly A Poigant Tale!!!

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    The Lip Shandil

    Desimartini | Updated - March 17, 2013 4:55 PM IST
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    Mummy PunjabiWatch trailerRelease date : August 31, 2011

    Full credit goes to Pammi Somal for having come up with a truly sensitive and poigant story that could well be a page out of anyone's life and having handled it rather beautifully minus the melodrama or the frills. There is absolutely no doubt that having been a film journalist for over 20 long years Pammi is well versed with the pen and Mummy Punjabi is just an extension of her creative skills as she has given ample proof of how well she understands the psyche of a typical upper class Punjabi woman who has everything going for her in terms of a successful marriage well settled children and a loving husband to boot but just scratch the exterior and the rough edges show up loud and clear and the lonliness is just a sneeze away.

    Mummy Punjabi is a down to earth honest tale of a Chandigarh based house wife Babyji a.k.a. as Mummyjeein the colony as she is always there for any and everyone in their moment of distress. Kiron Kher as Mummyji is convincingly honest in the pivotal lead role even though her retired husband played by Kanwaljeet Singh is rather rusted and seems ill at ease having been away from the camera for a rather long period. Jackie Shroff as a love lorn sardar mooning over Babyji since their college days is absolutely miscast as he simply fails to infuse any life into his character and fakes his way in front of the camera..hoping no one will notice or care either.

    Divya Dutta as the chatter-box maid spreading gossip across the colony is pretty endearing and her performance is actually rather convincing so much so that after Kiran Kher if anyone holds this rather melodramatic film together it's none else than Divya Dutta who infuses life into her character.

    But more than the artistes it is the script that makes the film engrossing and actually tugs at the heart even bringing a tear or two to the eyes as it actually touches the audience with it's genuine reflection of what and how people have to cope with lonliness especially when the children are grown up and leading their own lives but more importantly when they decide to relocate and settle abroad for marital comforts and the parents suddenly end up nowhere especially when one happens to pass away leaving the other with no reason to live and yet life does not end and that is when the pain and agony grips the very existence of the surviving partner who in the twilight of their life is left absolutely isolated.

    While the plot and screenplay is indeed powerful and Kiran Kher along with Divya Dutta actually shine its the supporting cast that actually disappoints as none of them leave an impact even established artistes like Satish Kaushik and Jackie Shroff are actually wasted but like mentioned earlier it's the powerful script and the tailor made lead role that keeps the film moving ahead and one can actually reach out and feel the pain and lonliness of the ageing couple. All said and done while Kiron Kher has given a brilliant performance one wonders why Pammi did not opt to take Anupam Kher instead of Kanwaljeet Singh for the lead role as he would most certainly have interpreted the character in his own unique way taking the film to another level but maybe Pammi thought having an artiste like him opposite Kiron would dilute her character and performance or maybe he was just too expensive for the budget of this film?

    None the less Mummy Punjabi is a film many ageing couples seperated from their children in the evening of their lives shall instantly connect with immediately and therein lies the beauty and charm of this bitter sweet film that tugs at the heartstrings.


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