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No Mummy No!!!

  • Danish Bagdadi

    Danish Bagdadi

    Desimartini | Updated - May 12, 2014 7:05 AM IST
    2.9DM (285 ratings)
    Mummy PunjabiWatch trailerRelease date : August 31, 2011

    'Mummy Punjabi' should be classified as criminal misuse of funds, time and resources. I bet a billion better things could have been done with all the resources wasted behind this movie and luckily from the looks of it the movie won't attract much audience but unfortunate souls like me have a duty to carry out, but I promise the 'Gods of Cinema' that I'll put my time to better use if they don't punish me in the future with films like this.

    I'm sure the idea was born out of a caricature; the omnipresent "Mummyji" persona in so many Hindi films of the last fifteen years. So we have a equal amounts of spoofing and equal amounts of dramatic content; none of which is worth even mentioning but here goes. Baby (Kirron Kher) is a of "progressive" woman based out of Chandigarh, whose life is filled with a plethora of characters ranging from her family, to neighbours, random perverts and even a bearded Sardar Jackie Shroff. The movie's titled 'Mummy Punjabi' hence she is the epicentre of everyones life in the film so everyone else is only a supporting role to Kirron Kher's "Mummyji". Like I mentioned earlier Baby is a strong-headed character who always knows "what's best for her family" so when wedding bells start to ring for her kids, how does she deal with those she has "protected" for a lifetime?

    The plot is a mess thanks to far too many characters, sub-plots, unnecessary attempts at comic situations & poor writing in general. None of the characters have an iota of originality or credibility and seem to be caricaturized from other movies. Add to that Baby's over-the-top "Punjabi-isms" which get tiresome really quickly. The emotional quotient of the film is tepid to say the least and hardly feels real.

    Kirron Kher gets maximum screen time and adds nothing new to a role she has done like a gazillion times now. Jackie Shroff hams it up as does Satish Kaushik. The two "babas" playing Baby's sons, look and act like stiff logs of wood, while the female, who plays the daughter, manages to irritate the audience by being a smart-ass at every turn.

    'Mummy Punjabi' made me laugh exactly one time and that too was more like a chuckle. It's lack of credible emotions and halfhearted attempts at humor sink it to embarrassing depths. I'd recommend this to no one not even my enemies.

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