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  • Danish Bagdadi

    Danish Bagdadi

    282 Reviews , 54 Followers
    Rated 2.0July 09, 2011

    Doesn't Quite have the Edge

    'Murder 2' joins a long list of Bollywood sequels which have nothing to do with the original film other than the attempt of the producer trying to ...read more

  • Ameet Bhuvan

    Ameet Bhuvan

    399 Reviews , 118 Followers
    Rated 1.5July 09, 2011

    A Murder Gone Sour

    Murder 2 is not one composite film, but two films running parallel and out of tune with each other. The only common factor being a jaded Emraan Has...read more

  • Rohith Bitkuri

    Rohith Bitkuri

    3 Reviews
    Rated 3.5July 09, 2011

    nice one

    nice one

  • Sunny Ahir

    Sunny Ahir

    2 Reviews
    Rated 3.5July 09, 2011

    imraan yaarr..................

    imraan yaarr...................mas t h ekdam

  • Akash Kumar

    Akash Kumar

    1 Reviews
    Rated 2.0July 09, 2011

    It has thrown Transformers out

    It has thrown Transformers out from d Multiplexes..dis itself says alot bout dis movie!!!