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    Desimartini | Updated - March 02, 2014 8:55 PM IST
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    Murder 2Watch trailerRelease date : July 08, 2011

    2011 might just prove to be the golden year for our filmdom. Barriers broken, Imagination widened, Performances consistently brilliant, the filmfare this year has been a thoroughly exciting expedition.

    Trust the Bhatts' - best known for blending horror and sex into one frenzy thriller. And they have come out with a phenomenal product.

    Murder 2 is essential a crime film centered on a psychopathic killer out to slaughter women - mostly call girls. Emraan Hashmi plays an ex-cop turned recovery agent on the sly. When a number of those women start disappearing mysteriously, he is assigned the task to round up on the person responsible.

    The film, entirely set in Goa is as terrific as any other A-grade Hollywood biggie. And director Mohit Suri, along with writer Shagufta Rafique show immense intelligence in terms of the characterization. Even if Jackys' Priya has got little to do, she is a crucial catalyst in provoking Emraan to face his inner demons and at the same time, for him, she is reassuringly comforting. He is a guy who's reckless to commit, and is in just for the sex, but his later development, ridden with guilt, from another murder raises his graph considerably.

    The film is a fine piece. Along with the music that psyches up the eerie environment, the motives and insane intentions of the psychopath, played award-winningly by theatre artist Prashant Narayanan is grossly disturbing.

    It is also due to the fact that the film is set around Goa. Unlike a Dum Maro Dum which couldn't do much with its ambitious tale, Murder 2 even touches upon human trafficking and also to the corrupt levels the human mind can reach. The psychopath - Dheeraj Pandey - who slashes the women ruthlessly - (and the makers show it lucidly) will became an instant cult figure among the villains, and will be remembered for a long time to come. You can count him among the likes of Sir Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs) although he is not a cannibalistic.

    While watching Murder 2, which is indeed very well edited, there's' no moment deprived of the anxiety of anticipation. You constantly are on a watch-out, and the fear is disturbingly scary.

    There is one particular scene where one of the victims is lodged unconscious in a well, among corpses of previous victims, and trust me, it'll haunt you, it'll disgust you.

    That is primarily what Mohit Suris' new film does - It is downright disgusting, but not in a manner that is offensive. In a manner that it scares the daylights' out of us, and make us more conscious about the people around us.

    If a film can be so bloody impactful, it deserves one viewing for sure. Believe me you wouldnt be in for a second trip.

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