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    Desimartini | Updated - April 15, 2014 11:14 PM IST
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    Murder 3Release date : February 15, 2013

    The first half of Murder 3 is a yawn fest. Everybody talks in scary or scared hushed tones, the expressions are stricken and the music also all horror movie types. It does nothing to build atmosphere, suspense or drama and everything to make you want to slap people out of their stupor.

    The second half is when the movie picks up considerably and becomes kind of interesting in spite of the bizarreness of the basic premise.. The twists in the tale become quite intriguing and you are quite drawn into the story in spite of the wooden acting by one of the female leads.

    Randeep Hooda plays the successful photographer with a roving eye quite easily. Aditi Rao Hyderi is sweet but has a bit of a cloying presence at times. The other lead .... Should get the Best Zombie (Female) Award. Her body language , dialogue delivery and expressions all point to one word 'stiff' (which in the context of a murder movie shouldn't be so bad actually!)

    You can catch the movie post interval. Just go before the second half starts, ask the guy in the next seat what happened in the first half and you should be able to get a one line synopses that will set you up well to enjoy the second half. Not bad enough to kill the Director but justifies grievous hurt by a blunt instrument.

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