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    Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - October 18, 2018 14:52 PM IST
    2.6DM (28243 ratings)

    Verdict - Namaste Cryland !

    Namaste EnglandWatch trailerRelease date : October 19, 2018

    Namaste England is actually Namaste cryland. The lead couple love to cry in this one. They either cry alone or cry together or cry at an airport or cry on the road. Then there are other associated characters who also love to cry. Like the other girl who falls in love with Kapoor or the rich boy who falls in love with Parineeti. Am sure pretty soon the financer of this film will cry too. The Audience of course were crying with tears of boredom I guess.

    Param ( Arjun Kapoor) falls in love with Jasmeet ( Parineeti) who is a jewellery designer and is looking for a liberated free life which makes her head to London through a fake marriage route. Param follows her and wins her back.

    This is the story which you read above and am willing to bet my pair of old shoes with anyone who can show my anything else as the story or moments in this movie. The movie has too many subplots which are there to ensure that the movie is two hour plus in length. Random lectures on India’s greatness. How Indian and Pakistanis are so much in love outside Asia. How all NRIs are senseless and arrogant. How an Indian hunk will always get him some bombshell falling for him.

    My only fear is that Vipul Shah is done with one capital and country in Europe , he made Namaste London and now Namaste England. What if he decides to map all European countries ,where will that leave us? I only hope now he does not get into a Namaste Paris and then Namaste France.

    This one does not stand a chance at all this week given that the other product Badhai Ho is promising so much better entertainment

    One star and that too for the sincerity that Arjun Kapoor brought to this one.

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