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India's true superhero!

  • Manya Malhotra

    Manya Malhotra (167 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 15, 2018 2:05 PM IST
    3.4DM (13300 ratings)
    PadmanWatch trailerRelease date : February 09, 2018

    Review : When a female centric film can be made with a man in the lead we know our industry has finally arrived. This film is an honest attempt to eradicate/ abolish the taboo surrounding menstruation. I will admit I was a bit hesitant before seeing this film as I was unsure of how the " female problem" will be portrayed on the big screen. Given the fact that it is hushed up and hidden beneath the sheets (literally) every month. I was very glad to find out that the whole topic is handled very well. For those of you who feel this film will make you uncomfortable , having seen it I can assure you that that is definitely not the case. If you will feel anything after watching this film it will be inspired. The film immediately gets to the point without meandering here and there. The first half is thoroughly engrossing and entertaining along with being informative. Achieving these three things in one film is a victory in itself. The second half is all about how he made the invention. It tends to get slightly carried away in parts like during Amitabh Bachchan's cameo where he gives a long speech about technology and essentially says the exact same thing 10 times! Apart from that this film is largely intriguing. I even heard a few whistles and claps in the audience , which were largely from men. We have all been living in our little bubble which pops when we see the statistics and conditions of women in rural areas. They are treated like vermin during their menstrual cycle every month. They are made to sleep in their balconies and not allowed inside their house as they are considered impure. Not the phenomenon but the way the it is dealt with is shameful. No one other than the gutsiest actor of our industry ..Akshay Kumar could have played this role. Also because perhaps wife Twinke Khanna wanted to keep the story within the family and that's why after having published a story about it she wanted her man to play Padman. He is a revelation - calm, composed and just pure genius. Radhika Apte is absolutely remarkable. I quite enjoyed Sonam Kapoor's performance as well and I was pleasantly surprised by the idea of that. Her character in the movie (apparently fictionalised and a figment of the makers imagination) was refreshing and extremely essential but the slight romantic angle that was formed between her and Akshay Kumar could have been done away with. It seemed unnecessary. A film like Padman deserved to be made and it's about time too. Please go and watch this film irrespective of your gender, age or social status. I just wanted to tell all you beautiful women out there who feel you are less than your husbands and brothers a FILM has been made on you so stop being ashamed, hold your head up high with pride and celebrate the fact that you are a woman and you do bleed!

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