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  • The rare Bollywood horror film that has a beautifully weaved storyline

    Zinia Bandyopadhyay (864,423 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - March 02, 2018 00:41 AM IST
    3.0DM (31723 ratings)
    PariWatch trailerRelease date : March 02, 2018

    We the audience have come to terms with the fact that Bollywood will probably never be capable to coming out with a horror film that has a good script. I mean whenever we go for horror films, we expect a scene from Hollywood, a few from South Korean films or maybe an entire copy of films from other countries. The other original films too would not focus on the story but would rather go for creaking doors and lurking shadow along with a typical music. Also, we have kept the legacy of the Ramsays alive with the fair amount of erotic scenes thrown here and there. Needless to say, in recent times, Bollywood Horror films have become more farcical than scary.

    But these thoughts will be shattered once you sit for Pari and watch it. Not just is it refreshing if we talk about the genre of horror, but overall too this movie is brilliant. This one is like no other that you've seen in Bollywood.

    Firstly the film has a great story. Yes, you read that right. You would any to sit through the film not just for the horror it has to present but for the suspense, the emotion and the character sketches that has been beautifully done.
    Secondly, while you will be genuinely scared with the solid jump scare moments in the film, the suspense will also make you impatient. You'd want to know what is going on. The first half has a good dosage of horror, but the second half loosens the tempo a little to focus on the story and the characters.

    The second half might look disappointing to many for the hurried pace in which things are brought to an end and the mysteries are solved. That could have been done with a little more care and love.

    The performances in the film are top notch. Anushka Sharma is brilliant portraying the confused, troubled and vulnerable Rukshana who is yet to come to terms with her identity. With those expressive eyes, Anushka clearly steals the show. In fact, this can easily be called one of her best performances till date.

    Parambrata Chatterer, who is one of the most popular actors in Bengali cinema plays the demure and shy Babai. He performance matches that of Anushka Sharma and he is a treat to watch after Kahaani. The rest of the cast too, including Rajat Kapoor and Ritabhori Chakraborty have delivered their part very well.

    The background music is crucial in any horror film and here too it plays a big role. There is just one song in between and a song couldn't have been better placed in a horror film than this one. The end credit lullaby will send chills. The cinematography is another aspect to watch out for. Makeup and prosthetics head, Clover Wooton also deserves a special mention.

    Even though the film has a fair amount of scary moments and quite some gore, you won't go home feeling all scared. In fact, it ends in a feel-good way and this would scare you without making you unable to turn around at night.
    I personally loved how subtly the film showed women bonding and sisterhood.

    This is definitely a must watch film that you should not miss, at any cost!

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