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    Rahul Bharadwaj (8,745 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - May 26, 2018 01:35 AM IST
    3.1DM (25901 ratings)

    Verdict - A watchable drama that brings you closer to the heroes of Pokharan-2 !

    Parmanu - The Story of PokhranWatch trailerRelease date : May 25, 2018

    Parmanu is not exactly a classic. It probably does not intend to be one at any level. It for sure is watchable for the sincere story telling that it is. Through part fiction and part fact based narrative the movie educates the audience about what went behind India’s famous nuclear tests in Pokharan in 1998.

    The movie is watchable for the fact that never does the director Abhishek Sharma lose focus on the fact that the story is about what people went through for the Pokharan test. Probably as a salute to the unsung heroes of Pokharan 1998 the director has kept the hero of the movie a part fictional character called Ashwat.

    The movie is also John Abraham’s most sincere effort as an actor till date. As the wronged and short changed Ashwat he does bring some pain to the front in the role. Diana Penty makes impact in her short role. Boman Irani and Yogendra Tiku also do well in their small but well defined roles.

    Parmanu is also a must watch for those who might have been curios about Pokharan 1998 and what went behind it. One must also add a kudos for the director for boldly stating that how an earlier regime in 1995 did not have the spine or the common sense to carry out a nuclear test with finesse. The movie might ruffle some feathers but it ends up opening a bitter fact to the audiences.

    Parmanu is also brilliant in its effort with the way a thriller element has been built in it like how India fooled high tech USA satellites and made CIA eat a humble pie.

    The best part of Parmanu is that its patriotism is not jingoistic but is laced with practical facts. The movie brings out the dark fact of power balancing between nations and how it was necessary for India post the collapse of USSR to do a nuclear test.

    Movies like Parmanu deserve a must watch because a new breed of makers are trying to bring a part of our recent history close to us.

    Even as a movie Parmanu has some great entertaining moments. Some laced in bitter humour like the wife of Ashwat suspecting that he is having an affair while he is actually serving a far greater cause. Parmanu also has some good hummable songs which are at least zillion times better than the recycled third grade songs that Bollywood has been feeding us in some movies.

    Go watch Parmanu because it will make you a little more proud about India and those who have contributed to its strength. It will also make you a little more aware of India’s recent achievements despite hurdles.

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