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The Art of Solo Travel

  • Rony D'costa

    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - September 01, 2014 1:00 PM IST
    3.6DM (2773 ratings)

    Verdict - Discover the art of solo travel and find your centre in a vicarious journey with Rani. The first feel fantastic film of this year.

    QueenWatch trailerRelease date : March 07, 2014

    Queen reminded me of my couch surfing days. I have not been able to surf couches, but I have had the opportunity to host travellers from different countries. The magical bond you form with a fellow traveller is indescribable.

    The common thing that came out in my conversations with them was, how travelling helped them find themselves. My yearlong psychotherapy sessions have been about getting in touch with my feelings - 'finding my centre,' as my therapist says. So, even though I could not relate to the character of Rani(Kangana Ranaut), the idea of 'meeting oneself' appealed to me, while watching her go through her journey of self discovery through the art of solo travel.

    Rani(Kangana Ranaut) is dumped a day before her marriage by Vijay (Rajkummar Rao). She decides to go solo on her honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam. How five people - Vijaylakshmi (Lisa Haydon), Olikxander (Mish Boyko), Taka (Jeffrey Chee Eng Ho), Tim (Guithob Joseph) and Marcello (Marco Canadea) with whom she comes in contact with, help her meet her real self is what the film is about.

    Though the screenplay plays to the gallery at times, and hits a few false notes here and there but, it is filled with so many lovely moments that by the end of it I didn't care about the minor quibbles.

    The biggest reason why Queen works is Kangana. From the time she appears on screen, she takes the viewer along on her journey of self discovery. I could not find a single false note in her performance. She breaks free as an actor in every scene she performs. Uninhibited and endearing, Kangana's character will win you over and will bring a silly grin on your face every time you think of her. This is her most lovable performance yet.

    Vikas Bahl had co-directed Chillar Party, so I would like to look at this as his debut film as a director. He hits the ball straight out of the park. Confident, in control and fresh are some words that would describe his direction. Along with Chaitally Parmar and Parveez Shaeikh, Vikas Bahl brings out the ethos and spirit of wanderlust perfectly. Dialogues by Anvita Dutt and Kangana Ranaut are the highlights of the film.

    "Main potty dhoti hoon, Tu Europe ghoom," will resonate with a lot of married couples.

    Word of mouth - Discover the art of solo travel and find your centre in a vicarious journey with Rani. The first feel fantastic film of this year.

    Rating - **** (First Class)

    Ticket Meter - Worth a visit to the theatre

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