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  • Raabta : Shallow love

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 09, 2017 14:41 PM IST
    2.9DM (8082 ratings)

    Verdict - Lack of a coherent story and shallow characters makes this a total waste of time

    RaabtaWatch trailerRelease date : June 09, 2017

    Raabta is a schizophrenic movie with two halves that are almost two different movies joined together by a slim thread that is a flashback. The sad part is that you can see that the Director and the actors totally believe that they are onto a wonderful thing. The makers suffer from delusions and the movie from schizophrenia. No wonder the Producers of Magadheera dropped their case against the movie. No one worth their self-respect would like to get their creation associated with this nonsense.

    To set the record straight, there is nothing in common between Magadheera and Raabta except the reincarnation and saat janam ka unrequited love angle. Well, that no one in Indian cinema can claim as their own anyway. Magadheera I found corny but the story at least was stitched together better than this one.

    Shiv meets Saira in Belgium and love strikes in the first two meetings, enough for her to drop her current boyfriend whom she has known for two years. Warning bells should have rung in Shiv's mind about Saira's shallow and self-centered nature but he is as self-centered as her and they get along just fine. Till of course, he goes away for a week and that is enough for her to start flirting quite inappropriately with a millionaire to whom also she is strangely attracted. This takes you till the interval and you start to worry because if the story has moved only two inches in the first half the second half is going to be mayhem like when you pack 45 people into a Nano car.

    But wait, this is much worse than that. A packed Nano may still take you to your destination. Here, you change vehicles entirely and ride horses straight into some pre-historic era where people wear smoky eye make-up, men style their hair in cornrows, they grunt and make animal sounds and actions to show passion and generally kill each other for various reasons. So, the romantic couple and the other guy are all now in this new get up but still doing the same old stupid things. Being shallow, flirting, falling in love with the wrong person and waiting for the comets to align to sort things out.

    By now, I had given up and wait for things to come back to the present which they do but make even less sense now than the Neanderthals. Things go all over the place before the movie thankfully ends on a tame note and yet another pointless song.

    Sushant Singh has taken over Salman's place in Bollywood as the shirtless hero. He does a cute guy with great body number decently but his character makes no sense. Kriti has great cheekbones and smoky eyes suit her. The only person of any interest is Jim Sarbh who plays the bechara villain. His has exotic looks and faintly exotic accent give him good screen presence.

    The music is nothing to write home about and the film ruins Raabta, the beautiful song from Agent Vinod. Not even Deepika in a slinky black gown that shows off her endless legs can save it.

    This movie is a good example of Directors and writers letting their love for their own creation getting in the way of seeing the truth about its true worth. The only thing you learn is that shallow people shoudl always and only fall in love with other shallow people or les for seven jamans the audience has to suffer.Avoid.

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