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  • A salute to the unknown brave hearts.

    Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - May 11, 2018 22:30 PM IST
    3.2DM (23372 ratings)

    Verdict - Engaging spy thriller.

    RaaziWatch trailerRelease date : May 11, 2018

    First things first.It seems that the days of ' naach gaana' escapist cinema are being eclipsed by realistic content driven cinema.A welcome sign.
    It's 1971.The eastern part of Pakistan has revolted against the western.India fears that there's some ' mischief' brewing against. it.What? How? How soon?
    Off course ,each country is engaged in espionage activities against the other.A new and imaginative dimension is added herein.One Hidayat Khan,a Kashmiri ( Rajit Kapur)_close to Brigadier Syed(Shishir Sharma),across the western border ,marries off her daughter Sehmat( Alia Bhatt),to his army officer younger son Iqbal( Vicky Kaushal).Why? All because the Kashmiri dad wants to carry the family legacy of partriorism through her daughter.
    How? She has to take training in India under the tutelage of Khalid Mir- an intelligence officer Khalid Mir( Jaideep Ahlawat),get married and send messages to the head quarters here.
    Off ourse she risks her life ,betrays her in -laws's country to serve her own.Soon the suspicion thickens.She herself is enquired as a suspect.She comes under threat.What's the climax?
    The pros side first_ Meghna Gulzar has ably presented her plot.Alia Bhatt has essayed a difficult role with aplomb.Some of Guzar's one liners deserve a mention _ 'Nation comes before me'; ' It's difficult to defend a nation with moles within';'' All wars bring misrey,yet they are fought and glorified".The supporting cast is tops.The doli scene is sensitive and the climax blast keeps one guessing.
    The cons_Are top secret defence files gone through at residences of officers? How simplistic is it to install the spying gadgets in the residential complex which has three army officers,without being detected? None suspects Khali Mir impersonating as a Colonel in enemy's territory ?The paan walllah never asks Sehmat to honour the paan deal as a precondition to make a phone call?
    Some observations _A spy's job is thankless ,risky and disowned by the hirer.Generally women are hired to ' honey trap' to feret information .Here it's through a bride whom none suspects.Young,smart and well read persons are being hired for specialised espionage task.In Omerta it's a LSE male student Omar (Rajkummar Rao),here it's a St.Stephens college girl student Sehmat.
    All in all Raazi is worth a watch.

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