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  • Ameet Bhuvan

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    Desimartini | Updated - April 30, 2014 9:49 PM IST
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    Verdict - No story no logic yet it will not bore you

    Race 2Watch trailerRelease date : January 25, 2013

    At some point or the other, every character in Race two utters these lines " main sab kuch pehle se jaanta hu". And fact is that every character seems to know everything from the start and is yet playing games, or as they say in the next line, run the Race. The only gltich is somehow the audience is the only one not knowing what exactly is happening on screen. That aint a problem though, since not once does Race two bore you.

    Ranveer, aka Saif, is a conman from the first instalment of Race, who is out to avenge his lady's death from new con in town Armaan aka John. Deepika, Jaqueline, Ameesha are in the scenes to show cleavage, midrifs, legs, lipsticked pouts, while Anil Kapoor, umm, well i don't know why he is in this one, since his RD has apparently left police-giri and is now a club owner. That about sums up the plot for Race two, which makes an outrageoulsy flimsy story into a good two hours 20 minutes affair,.

    Race 2 is slick, severly glamorous and sufficiently fast paced to prevent yawning. There are some decent songs, inconsequential and badly placed yet decent compositions, that interspread a series of car chases, bonb explosions and foot chases. When the actors get time from revving up those cars at top speed, they strip to the bare minimum and present a beef and skin buffet that is delightful. When they are doing neither of this, they pretend to act.

    Saif has by now perfected the art of looking and sounding uber cool. His suits impress, his daadi and bas voice is sauve letting him scrape through unhurt, John can't act to save his life, his abs make up for what his face cannot. Deepika is pretty good as the femme fatal, sexy and sizzling hot while Jaqueline makes sure to add to the heat especially in her fencing sequence with Saif. Ameesha patel on the other hand seems like extrapolated from a wanna be glam movie from a time centuries ago- her pink and blue barbie girl act is grating. Anil is competent despite being saddled with lines like "i do not want to pop your cherry now:".

    Director Duo Abbas Mustan pulled of a series of twists and turns that made Race a bad yet undeniably rivetting film. Race 2 lacks the innovaton of the first one, its twists one can smell from a mile away, yet makes up for it in ambition and scale. Action sequences are amazingly well done, while the beauty on display is impressinve.

    There is a lot of logic dfying nonsense in Race 2- the heros escaping from a plane in a car held by four parachutes, two hot actors, John and Deepika being cast as a brother sister duo, innane dialogues and some really corny ones too- yet, what it also has is the ability to keep you glued. With no pretensions of being intellectual, it promises some unabashed eye candy and it does. Watch it and forget it, till the next in the series arrives.

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