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    Rahul Bharadwaj (9,120 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 15, 2018 13:44 PM IST
    2.8DM (59859 ratings)

    Verdict - Epic, gigantic and magnificent torture !

    Race 3Watch trailerRelease date : June 15, 2018

    Remember those Manmohan Desai style 1970s movies where pickpocket Gopu turns out to be CID inspector under cover ? my favourite example is Vinod Mehra as the specially gifted adult in Jaani Dushman who turns out to be an inspector in the climax. That is the intelligence level of the plot of Race3 , In one particular scene a character walks up to other one and tell that this character is an undercover government officer. Post this revelation this character starts walking like a commando too to show the seriousness of a government officer. You wanted to ask this character thank you for not being undercover Prime Minister of India.

    The good news is that the much ridiculed trailer of this movie was actually the best thing about this movie. Also a safety advise from my side is carry about two tablets of painkillers and you should be fine by the time this 3D torture ends. Bollywood surely makes 3D movies because it can fleece that extra 30-40 rs from all viewers for the same third class plotless movie. This one is about 20% better than Bollywood’s last gutter offering in the name of 3D entertainment called Welcome to New York.
    A majority of the movie has slow motion shots with background music playing , this is the standard bollywood strategy to tell audiences that hey look we made a thriller. The movie is in 3D so there are lot of grand visuals and action scenes in the beginning which is surely the only plus of the movie.
    Anil Kapoor is in a role which will remind you partly of the epic dud called Tashan not that this one is brilliant cinema.
    The scenes where Salman flies in a suit which looks like a colourful butterfly and travels across sky will surely become a rage with kids and teenagers on youtube after some time. One of those movie scenes which become a rage forever.
    The climax fight of Salman and Bobby focuses too close on the body and as a result you will see some epic nipple juggling.
    The movie has twists and turns which are more like kids playing mummy daddy , you know how without any notice the roles change suddenly mummy and daddy roles are switched by kids. Ditto for the characters in this movie. All characters change negative to positive character groups every 15 minutes .The most thrilling one is Bobby Deol’s character he switches from positive to negative every ten minutes.
    You will have to carry a pen and paper make two columns of negative character and positive character and keep cutting and changing names so that you can keep track of the story.
    Action scene are choreographed with super technology and as usual third class bollywood common sense , a guy on a jeep is chasing salman, the distance between them is ten feet and he chooses to fire at a tree ,the tree falls and blocks Salman, Salman drives under the tree, the shooters vehicle hits the tree and turns turtle. Why not shoot straight at the guy when you want to kill him ? this is what happens when you want to please computer game playing crowd in a movie. If the movie was entertaining I would have ignored these goof ups which are minor.

    More on the intelligence of the plot – people drill holes in walls and locker rooms and walk away with stuff from high security locker like people in most old cities of India loot a bakery shop in the night and walk away.At least they could have shown someone singing bhajan and maa sheravali stopping the alarm from playing I mean how can the director insult us so completely some loophole should have been provided for our intelleigence’s ego massage.

    Anil Kapoor is the only good thing about this movie.
    This one is another loot put on us in the name of 3D thriller action film. If you are a Salman fan in any case you will ignore this watch. If you love your time and money go eat biryani this eid. Stay away from this stink of a movie.

    Zero star actually but cannot go below half on desimartini.

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