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  • Nahi...Mai Ne Dil Isko NAHIII Diya

    Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - July 19, 2013 16:57 PM IST
    3.6DM (9533 ratings)

    Verdict - Out With It Mr Taurani, When You Broke That Coconut The Day Of The Mahurat It Was Rotten Right?

    Ramaiya VastavaiyaWatch trailerRelease date : July 19, 2013

    It's a love story all right, as in LOVE STORY 2050 Reloaded. That is if you built a time machine that took you back to the 90s. But wait .. the 90s had movies where your pets had more spunk ( take Tuffy in HAHK and how he single -pawedly assured that Prem remained Didi ka hi devar deewana) and definitely more personality ( take Handsome in Maine Piyar Kiya who braved interstate traffic and Mohnish Behl's wrath --ironically in a movie that provided the inspiration for the torture fest that is Ramayia Vastavaiya )
    The movie is about an unlucky pair of siblings who are disinherited by a philandering dad, lose a mum to a heart attack and encounter dodgy coconuts in the same day. Brother ( Sonu Sood) struggles to raise sister, save his land from a cruel Govind Namdeo and figure out why a hale and hearty horse can mysteriously die on him with a terracotta horse figurine going strong for a good two decades. And when he has a chance to catch his breath to probably wonder why Shruti Hasan ( who plays his younger sister) is sounding like Karisma Kapoor circa early 90s.
    Sis runs into " Main Bhi Salman" Ram ( played by Girish Kumar) and leads us into the next two hours where we will start hating on Atif Aslam, loud colors, pen an open letter to Mr Gandhi--Hainji? the soul of India was Jaquiline Fernandez? and watch the plot turn shittier. Errrr actual shit. And some pee.

    Now you may wonder why a film that was an indulgent father " hai mera beta" project for his son; has as it's villains, fathers who belong to the What Mera Lal Wants Is What Mera Lal Gets school of thought.

    I can understand Randhir Kapoor may have probably signed the movie when he wandered on to the sets "Hey That Sounds Like Lolo Is Here". Trapped! But a surly Poonam Dhillon who turns angrier as she reads the next page of her script , and Vinod Khanna? And Satish Shah?Probably all wringing their hands Prabhu Deva se Dosti Ki Hai Ab Nibhani Tou Hogi.

    Aah so there lies the inspiration

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    dam remake

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    Another tribute to SALMAN KHAN!!

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    Nahi...Mai Ne Dil Isko NAHIII Diya

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