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A Decent Espionage Thriller with an Engaging Script, but Missed John’s Action…............

  • Shashank Shekhar

    Shashank Shekhar (5,254 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - October 10, 2019 12:15 AM IST
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    Verdict - RAW has the ability to hook the viewers due to its gripping screenplay, but still it is not a special film….

    Romeo Akbar WalterWatch trailerRelease date : April 05, 2019

    R.A.W. (Romeo Akbar Walter) is another addition to the list of patriotic spy thrillers that Mr. John Abraham has been endorsing since Force 2 which conveys his dedication to churn out true incidents that changed the course of free India and led to giving us a safer society to live in. Also, his production house JA films has also deliberately been set up to promote nationalism through his movies that act as an ode to people such as RAW agents, scientists, defense personnel, covert agents, undercover agents and off course, the cool spies who are not as celebrated as our politicians in victories that concern the nation at a global level in any field or national security primarily.

    Now, one such story is of a theatre artist who works in a bank and leads an ordinary life but is approached by the undercover agencies to lead their mission as a spy and infiltrate the Pakistani base camps in order to extract information and knowledge about ongoing or upcoming terrorist activities. The interesting twist in this narrative is that this story is based on the true story on an Indian spy who had worked as RAW agent, in a time when the India was struggling against terrorist activities. Now, to be fair the script is quite engaging and there are twists and turns which involve minute mind manipulations to convey the story, but honestly the action and the firepower of the sexy thriller genre was missing and the movie has been given a much more of a docu-drama treatment.

    But, still this treatment works for the most part as the plotline suffices to be a smooth journey for the viewers to be absorbed in the movie till the end due to the suspense. But, the end is a bit flawed in terms of logic and execution as it seems too far-fetched and cinematic, but still John’s looks work for the character of a cool spy and the director Robbie Grewal tries to use most of tools used for a spy thriller. All in all, it is a one time watch, but with some action and one or two hot scenes, the movie could have been a hell lot of badass.