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  • The intimate account of life from Cricket God himslf

    Samedha Arora (3,176 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - May 26, 2017 13:37 PM IST
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    Verdict - totally worth billion bucks and your 2 hours!

    Sachin: A Billion DreamsWatch trailerRelease date : May 26, 2017

    Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a palpable intrinsic insight of Sachin Tendulkar's life glazed with finesse of superlative storytelling. The outstanding progression of narrative leaves no stone unturned to make it a mesmerizing overwhelming and compelling drama documentary.

    This movie is not a biopic; it's just a cinematic version that gives an account of the most intimate moments from Sachin's point of view. Sachin: A Billion Dreams is behind the scenes documentary of this millennia's biggest cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

    The movie begins with Sachin Tendulkar getting his first bat from Kashmir, soon the narrative follows as Sachin retells his childhood instances. Sachin and Anjali's love story, the sad demise of Sachin's father and the birth of his two children and just an average Indian enjoying his time in home, this documentary succeeds to touch all the emotional strings of this man.

    Majority of the film is cricket footage.Starting from the famous series in Pakistan that saw a 16-year-old walk into the pool of international cricket, facing Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, it's a well thought out selection of goosebump-worthy moments. India changes dramatically through Tendulkar's twenty-four year career, the gloomy times in Indian cricket history, the match fixing saga is at its peak to the birth of 3 and finally winning the world cup in 2011. This movie makes you relieve the enchanting as well as murky moments.

    AR Rahman's score tears you apart (in a good way), a mix of nostalgia and Rahman's brilliancy does justice to Sachin's film. You live the moments and you feel the moments.

    From switching on your Doordarshan to finally watching the world cup on a LED, Sachin's journey follows just that and documents every crucial detail in Indian Cricket history since the 80s. This movie is a joy-ride, Whether you are a fan of Sachin or not, if you have lived through the '90s, he has been a special part of your life. It's impossible to be unmoved with his account of life. You will be overwhelmed with emotions when you see the clip of him giving the retirement speech in 2013 which ends the movie on a blissful note. Hence Sachin: A Billion Dreams totally worth billion bucks and your weekend time.

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    It was a great movie

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    excellent movie

    Excellent piece of work. Very inspiring

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