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Sanju: A 'fiction' served as a biopic!

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    Desimartini | Updated - July 07, 2018 4:39 PM IST
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    Verdict - Don't watch it as a biopic... watch it as normal bollywood movie and you will like it.

    SanjuWatch trailerRelease date : June 29, 2018

    I am sure by the this time most of you must have watched 'Sanju'. Looking at its box office collections so far I can safely assume that. If not, I must give spoiler alert at the beginning itself.

    I think I was expecting too much from this 'so called' biopic. Coming from the generation who spent its childhood watching his movies like Rocky and Naam, teenage in Aatish, Sadak and Saajan and remaining life in watching Khal Nayak, Vastav, Musa and Munnabhais, we claim to know almost everything about Sanjay Dutt. We grew up reading Mayapuri and Stardust who ensured that we kept gossiping about Sanjay Dutt right from his hair gel to girlfriends. Newspapers kept highlighting about his underworld links, Bomb blast case and his short term political career too. We lived those stories everyday. Accept it or not, but Sanjay Dutt was always part of our life. So if there is any biopic made on him, we knew what is going to come. Unfortunately, most of the things got missed and disappointment began from there.

    I think instead of a biopic, it should be called as a 'biased' pick. It is strange to see the movie claimed to be a biopic doesn't cover anything about Sanjay Dutt's first two wives and daughter but mentions about his 308 girlfriends and even prostitutes he slept with. Same thing about his movies... You only see Rocky and Munnabhai MBBS in few scenes and a Khal Nayak poster getting black inked post arrest scene but for unknown reasons (or copyright?), the director didn't mention anything about his filmography. To avoid controversies, Hirani didn't mention names of underworld dons and political people we all aware he was linked with. You miss Mahesh Bhatt, Kumar Gaurav, Salman Khan, Sanjay Gupta and Madhuri Dixit too. Few of these plots could have been easily added. Instead the time is wasted on songs, comedy and fictitious characters like Sonam Kapoor and Boman Irani played.

    The film begins by comparing Dutt with Mahatama Gandhi and ends with the actor doing ‘gandhigiri’ inside Yerawada jail. In between, the so-called biopic blames everybody but the actor himself for all the wrongs that have happened in his life.

    Some of claims made in the film are hilarious. For example, he is forced into drugs by his friend Zubin Mistry, played by Jim Sarbh. The film says that Mistry himself used glucose powder while giving hardcore drugs to Dutt. Haha! Further you see the actor sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend. Reason? To check if she was loyal to his friend. Seriously? Film takes audience for granted and further claims that he bought AK56 to protect his family. He was too innocent to understand what he was buying and from whom. The movie tries its best to portray Dutt as victim and media as villain.

    In a 161minute film, all you see is Sanju's struggle with drugs in first half and his dad's struggle (to save him from TADA) in another. Must mention here that Ranbir Kapoor and Paresh Rawal have delivered one of the best performances of their careers. Ranbir copied Sanju's style and mannerism so well that after some time you forget that he is not real Sanjay Dutt. Vicky Kaushal (as Kamlesh) and Manisha Koirala (as Nargis) also did a great job. Anushka Sharma as Winnie is wasted. She hardly had any scope to perform. As director Rajkumar Hirani narrated the story well but it is fictitious one and not the biopic. Had it been treated unbiasedly, it would have certainly been a great experience.

    I will still go with 3 stars considering performances and entertainment elements in the movie. Just enjoy it as a normal bollywood movie. Don't watch it as Sanjay Dutt biopic or you too will end up writing something like this. :)

    © Manish Pandit

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