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  • Singh Is Bliing Is Something You Would Not Want To Miss This Season!

    Prerna Singh (11,422 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - October 01, 2015 23:27 PM IST
    3.4DM (2117 ratings)

    Verdict - Akshay is his usual self which is awesome, but this time Amy Jackson is going to steal your heart away!

    Singh is BliingWatch trailerRelease date : October 02, 2015

    When you have a long weekend ahead and you want to look for something hilarious to keep you entertained for a while, you can definitely go and watch Singh Is Bliing. Story is not something entirely different, to be honest. But the way it has been treated is quirky and capable of inducing giggles and cheers from the audience. Raftaar (Akshay Kumar) is a simple minded adorable Sardar who falls in love with a Romania based NRI girl Sara (Amy Jackson). His antics and innocence are really charming and he does what he is best at- being comic. Akshay Kumar has been quite experienced in doing such roles and that shows. His comic timing is on point and he manages to make you laugh, leaving behind your inhibitions.

    Sara is looking for her long lost mother and comes to Goa. That is how Sara and Raftaar meet and fall in love. The twist in the story is that Raftaar and Sara don't speak each other's language and hence comes in Lara Dutta (Emilly? Or Imlee? You go figure!) to sort out the language barrier between them. She messes up for her own good but hey, it's Bollywood, after much "halla-gulla" and fighting sequences; they unite. But again, since it is Bollywood you need a villain to ruin God's otherwise perfect plan. Kay Kay Menon plays Mark here who wants to marry Sara because he wants revenge (what revenge? He is the villain, he needs no reason. If you are that curious, you will have to watch the movie.. Duh?)

    What is the best thing about the movie, you will ask. Legit question! For a change you will see a girl taking charge in a movie and Amy Jackson has nailed all the action sequences perfectly, with grace, agression and poise. No no! We are not talking about slapping sidekicks or firing a gun. We are talking about serious Mixed Martial Arts kinda fighting. And boy! That is a treat to watch. Prabhudeva has played it safe and logical by not forcing Amy to speak in Hindi which definitely helps her in bringing out her emotions rather than just reiterating the written script.

    What's bad, then? Editing could have been better, because it looks fake. And if does not take an Animation expert to figure it out, you are doing it wrong. Lara Dutta's acting is disappointing, and so is her role. Just to give her some more screen time, few scenes have been inserted which could have been easily avoided and hence the film would have been crispier. Songs are used a bit too sparingly but that's alright if you want to have full-on entertainment. Kay Kay Menon has done justice to his role but sadly this role does not suit him at all. In the second half the film becomes a bit repetitive, and picks up pace after good 15-20 minutes.

    All in all, go for Akshay's comedy, Amy's adorable acting spiced up with well executed action sequences and a dollop of fun time which would not end up making you feel "Paise kahan laga diye yaar!". So go for all this, and yeah… The director Prabhudeva himself, makes an appearance in the movie too. Let's see who all figure that out!

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