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  • Singh Saab the Great.... Bore

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - November 22, 2013 13:27 PM IST
    3.5DM (3870 ratings)

    Verdict - Hackneyed story, same old direction. Only for Sunny fans

    Singh Saab The GreatWatch trailerRelease date : November 22, 2013

    This review of Singh Saab the great is dedicated to all those fans of Sunny Deol who forsake work on a Friday morning to catch the first day, first show of his movie. Ulka boys (sorry, I didn't ask your names, I was too dazed by the movie) this is for you.

    Such devotion is the true test of a star and Sunny Paaji comes out a winner. His fans will always love him even though :
    the movie has a story straight from an 80s flick, with a baad villain pitted against the good guy
    The songs are irritating time wasters and the item number is the most horrible one I've seen
    The heroine is a newcomer less than half paaji's age (and no, mentioning that age difference upfront many times over in the movie as a joke doesn't make it ok)
    Everyone talks in very loud voices as if the audience is deaf
    Every move has a flashback explaining stuff that was self explanatory (unless Sunnyji thinks we are creatures of lesser intelligence)
    The hero can't dance but will. ( but a true fan will wait for the yara o yara step)
    He also gets his old dad and his loser brother into his movies, at least for one sequence
    There are scenes like the hero's sister being stuck on a scaffolding that make you cringe
    Close shots of Sunny romancing the heroine -ewwww

    A true fan instead will see Paaji's gentle eyes even as he lifts a truck with a wrist and impales a man with a bamboo and clap in the killer scene where he douses the villain with ghee and throws him into a havan.

    A true fan is blinded by love and will cheer. The rest of us are better of keeping our blindfolds on. Avoid

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