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Rivetting yet not unforgettable

  • Ameet Bhuvan

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    Desimartini | Updated - May 30, 2014 6:04 AM IST
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    Verdict - Engrossing yet not gripping

    TalaashWatch trailerRelease date : November 30, 2012

    The twist in Talaash doesn't come unannounced, yet is good enough to shake you from the comfortable slumber the build up to it puts you into, on the way giving you more than a whodunnit, ensuring repeat views. For a thriller, Talaash is engrossing but lacks the urgency to grip you by the throat.

    Surjan Shekhawat (amir) is a police officer investigating the death of a fiom star, while also coming to terms with his son's untimely death and the subsequent near collapse of his marriage with Roshni (Rani). He investigates the case with the help of an escort with a golden heart Rosy (Kareena) who also helps him come out his own personal misery. How the case solves itself takes you through an emotional ride that ends with a twist that is sure to divide the audience on its quality.

    kagti and Zoya write a story that is delciously noir in its mood and aided with some amazing photography and understated background score by Ram Sampath, bring to the screen an atmosphere that is sullen, gloomy and introspective. Talaash forces you to go deep inside your own self, while the mind is still looking for red herrings to second guess the culprit. Mumbai is shown in a very different light, one emenating from its red light area, and relationships are delved into at lenght with sensitivity.

    Director Kagti takes you through the story at her own pace, the mystery runs first, followed by the strong emotional parts which almost can make you forget it is a thriller you are watching, before merging the two threads in a not so entirely convincing climax. Both the story and the direction lack a sense of urgency and impending gloom that one associates with this genre, yet at some level this story couldnt have been told in a better manner.

    What lacks in the story, is made up for in the performances. Nawazuddin as Taimur, the one legged man friday, is scintillating. Raj kumar proves that screen time is not an issue for an actor with the chops. Rani delivers a performance that is nuanced, amply displaying the wonders an actress can perform when not worried by the numbers game. Kareena on the other hand manages to do what two odd hours of non stop crying in heroine couldnt-wow you with her performance- she is kind, strong, lonesome and seductive at the same time as Rosy. Both the leading ladies comfortably fit into their roles and deliver a fine pitch perfect performance.

    Amir on the other hand gives a new meaning to onscreen cops in times of muscled mustached Singhams and Rowdy Rathores. His Surjan is calm on the outside, seething with pain and guilt on the inside, longing for comfort and love. He manages to make Surjan believable and draws the audeince sympathy to him while smartly drawing attention away from the stories tell tale signs.

    Talaash could have immensely benefited from a more layered screenplay. The film tells a moderately complex story simply, a tad too simplistic at times, making you enjoy the ride but forget it an hour later. This one definitely is intelligent cinema, falling short of being cerebral. Watch it for yourself and decide.

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