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Kaunsi Kahani

  • Danish Bagdadi

    Danish Bagdadi

    Desimartini | Updated - March 29, 2014 11:57 PM IST
    3.5DM (2208 ratings)

    Verdict - No story to go along with this one

    Teri Meri KahaaniWatch trailerRelease date : June 22, 2012

    We have in the past tolerated twelve Priyanka Chopras in a single movie so three shouldnt be a big deal. Three Shahid Kapoors on the other hand is quite a handful as I had to learn the hard way. Teri Meri Kahani is one of those movies which meander pointlessly for ages, reaching a conclusion only because the reels finally ran out. It has little to say or show for other than material salvaged from other more worthy cinematic efforts.

    Three stories told over different time periods form the basis of the plot and love is connecting point between them all. There might be mention of destiny and love connecting through different means but each story is sufficiently self-contained and together they serve no purpose other than to pad up the running length and the costume bill.

    A few moments of fleeting charm are killed by garish set designs, costumes and songs that border on parody. Seriously, how long do we have to keep on insisting on a Punjabi style village dance? Also will someone please teach Bollywood how people really use technology?

    Teri Meri Kahani had me bored within fifteen minutes and it never got me back in the scheme of things. Id blame the lacklustre script primarily and Shahid Kapoors over acting above all the other disasters the movie can lay blame upon. Watch it on a lazy Sunday afternoon if you cant fall asleep, this will surely help.

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