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And the breast actress award goes to Vidya Baloon.

  • Rony D'costa

    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - December 06, 2013 1:09 AM IST
    3.6DM (4042 ratings)

    Verdict - A dirty mind just saw a dirty picture and cant get Vidya Balans Stomach and Cleavage out of his head.

    The Dirty PictureWatch trailerRelease date : December 02, 2011

    Milan Luthria for me has always been that director who has the potential but for reasons unknown has never moved up from making above average films except his debut feature Kacche Dhaage. In his attempt to find a rhythm with his writers he has worked with some notable names like Anjum Rajabali, Anurag kashyap & Shridhar Raghavan until he found Rajat Aroraa in Taxi no 9211. With Rajat he found his style and hence remained an above average filmmaker and the Dirty Picture doesnt change that.

    Whats it about? - It tracks the rise and fall of Reshma/ Silk (Vidya Balan) who enters the Chennai film industry and scorches the screen and the libido of people in the 80s. Her love life with Naseeruddin Shah (star) & Tushar Kapoor (writer) forms one track of the film while the main track is her hate life with Emraan Hashmi (director).

    Does it work for me? Yes / No

    Why? - The first thing that struck me was how one convinces oneself to watch actors speaking Hindi in a film set in Chennai. For the same reason Slumdog didnt work for me as soon as the kids started speaking in English. So either you ignore this weird/absurd issue or get used to it as the film progresses. Rajat Aroraas gift (dialogues) has become his curse. It looked like scenes were written around the dialogues. Even though they form one part of the reason why the film entertains, after a point it starts getting to you. Each and every character does dialogue baazi. This is what I would call Gunda for the elite multiplex audience. The most interesting part about the script was the equation between Emraan & Vidya. Towards the end there is a scene where both of them spend a night together (no sex happens). That for me was the moment of the film & sadly that was the only one.

    The screenplay is more of an entertainment show and works if viewed from that perspective. Vidya Balan bares almost all in this film but sadly the film doesnt give her enough meat to sink into the role. Her hard work comes across in the ease with which she flaunts her cleavage and stomach and the comfort she shows on wearing some outrageous clothes but when it comes to dialogue delivery you dont hear Silk you hear Vidya Balan and that is a major flaw for an actor trying to imbibe a character. Even the major dramatic phase of this supposed bio pic of Silk Smita which was when she started doing porn movies is only touched upon lightly and abruptly. The film had a lot of promise, sadly neither Milan Luthria delivers nor Vidya Balan.

    Final few words: A dirty mind just saw a dirty picture and cant get Vidya Balans Stomach and Cleavage out of his head.

    Rating: ** (Above Average)

    Ticket Meter: Worth 200 bucks

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