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  • RAW+ISI group rescue 25 Indian and 15 Pakistani female nurses held hostage by terrorists

    Madan Mohan Marwah (4,204 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - December 31, 2017 12:19 PM IST
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    Verdict - A fine entertainer specially for Salman fans and lovers of action movies

    Tiger Zinda HaiWatch trailerRelease date : December 22, 2017

    World leaders have always said that all nations should join together to combat terror which is their common enemy. So the makers of this film have created a plot where a group of RAW agents led by Tiger ( Salman) and another group from ISI join forces in this rescue mission to free 25 Indian and 15 Pakistani female nurses held hostage in a hospital in Iraq by a terrorist group.
    There are some American soldiers captive also and the Pentagon wants to mount an offensive. The RAW boss asks for a one week window to mount the Indian rescue mission first which is agreed to. So we have India, Pakistan and America working together against terrorism. A surreal situation indeed.
    While this could be a dream come true for peace lovers , things get better when bhabiji Katrina Kaif ( Salman's wife and ISI agent ) joins in the rescue mission. After a lot of action, explosions and suspense the film comes to an end when good guys beat the bad guys, God punishes the guilty and helps the crusaders, Nationalism and truth win, and the flags of both countries flutter side by side as they come home victorious. If this sounds too good to be true , relax it is only a movie.
    This movie is primarily customised to thrill Salman's numerous fans and has the right balance of thrills, patriotism and family sentiment to keep audiences more than satisfied. In addition they are likely to come back to see it again and also spread a good word about the film resulting in the earnings going beyond  at least Rs 250 crores.
    A lot of effort seems to have gone in the making of the film and all scenes have a realistic touch. All credit to the director. Performances wise Salman goes through his standard drill with signature dialogue delivery and a stylish swagger for which he is popular. Katrina has also done well. A word for some splendid cinematography. The post credit title song is also become popular.
    All told an entertaining film with the right amount of action, sentiment and nationalism.

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