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All audience reviews of Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

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  • Subham Mukherjee
    Rated 3.5August 20, 2017

    Just the dose Bollywood needed!

    This year hasn't been a memorable year for bollywood. The highest grossing movie of the year is a non- hindi film, and to top it all, the seasoned ...read more

  • Abhijeet Shankar Sharma

    Abhijeet Shankar Sharma

    4 Reviews , 1 Followers
    Rated 4.5August 18, 2017

    Another successful movie under Akshay's 'Cinema's Social Responsibility' campaign

    Toilet : Ek Prem Katha is Akshay Kumar's latest outing under his 'Cinema's Social Responsibility' campaign, and this time it is the centuries old p...read more

  • Anudeep Sharma

    Anudeep Sharma

    28 Reviews , 1 Followers
    Rated 5.0August 15, 2017

    A delightful surprise package

    Perhaps the most awkward movie title till date, yet, provides the most delightful movie experience of the year that surprises with meaningful power...read more

  • Dev Raj Gulati

    Dev Raj Gulati

    193 Reviews , 5 Followers
    Rated 4.0August 14, 2017

    Radhey Radhey- Akki-Bhumi make a pair.

    Rarely does one view a ' perfect structured film'.TEPK falls in this category. Why? Presence of toilets in households and public spaces,more so in...read more

  • Rahul Bharadwaj

    Rahul Bharadwaj

    154 Reviews , 11 Followers
    Rated 5.0August 12, 2017

    Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Review

    First thing first in the climax Akshay Kumar sarcastically asks his brother about someone (I am not revealing who is this someone and the context t...read more