Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Review

  • Rahul Bharadwaj

    Rahul Bharadwaj

    Desimartini | Updated - August 12, 2017 2:20 AM IST
    3.6DM (13025 ratings)

    Verdict - Great comedy – A heartwarming love story – A social message - Finally Bollywood offers an Epic entertainer in 2017 !

    Toilet: Ek Prem KathaWatch trailerRelease date : August 11, 2017



    First thing first in the climax Akshay Kumar sarcastically asks his brother about someone (I am not revealing who is this someone and the context that will be an unfair spoiler) – abbey beemar hai kya? And the balcony exploded into laughter.  In that small yet super moment in the movie you realize that Akshay Kumar’s journey as an accomplished actor has reached that point from where you can call Akshay Kumar an actor of caliber. Yes. That is the first big point about TEPK; Akshay Kumar has nailed the small town large hearted, brash and sensitive Keshav like nobody’s business.  There are scenes in the movie where Akshay just stands looking hurt or surprised or happy and he emotes through eyes and we understand his expressions, something which was unthinkable when we first saw him in Saugandh in 1991.

    TEPK is a movie with a social message. The beauty of the movie is that the message is driven under loads of humour, a very heartwarming love story and the hurdles that small town or rural India faces in giving a woman her basic rights of privacy while attending to nature’s call.

    The biggest and most rock solid point of TEPK is its well written and executed humour. The movie will have you in splits with its brazen in your face earthy comedy delivered in small town environment style. One gladiator after other delivers such epic comedy moments through dialogues and inter character chemistry. The stand out scene for me was when Pandit Ji is relieving himself in the drain and his younger son comes and hugs him – am again not giving you the details but trust me you will have to watch not hitting others in the theater while laughing uncontrolled in the theater.

    Then let’s talk about the lady of the movie Bhumi as Jaya. Jaya drives the movie as a girl who loves Keshav like crazy but won’t let even him come in the way of her principle. The way Bhumi has carried the role as how every day Jaya has a new complication in life you are totally with her in the fight. Then her chemistry with Keshav is so brilliant that you want more of this screen pair in the future, am sure sharp directors would have already noticed the chemistry and I will not be surprised if we see Akshay-Bhumi together in many movies in future. Bhumi Pednekar also manages to come across as even extremely attractive in a role which does not give her a single moment where she is allowed to come across as a glamour diva. 

    TEPK has a very well written screenplay and the director needs to be credited along with the writer for never letting the movie miss the point that while there is a social message in the movie , a movie has to entertain first. In fact it might take you a while to realize that the movie has already reached half point when the interval lights are switched on. That is the breeziness of TEPK.

    The characters and their connectivity is so well brought out by the director my favourite being the chemistry between Keshav and his brother and then between the siblings and the father. There is a scene where the father is burning with rage, it’s a serious scene, in the background the younger brother has to move to and fro to show how scared he is to face the angry father and then he quietly bolts away. The audiences understood and laughed. TEPK has the most mature character chemistry in a long long time. Probably the best in this year’s bollywood 2017.

    The songs, particularly Hans mat pagli add to the aura of TEPK.

    The best part of TEPK is the fact that its climax could have very easily become preachy and boring it thankfully stays away from that danger and the way a rigid orthodox father’s attitude changes in favour of what his daughter-in-law is demanding is such an underplayed yet convincing story twist that you are totally left impressed with the director as to how he has delivered a very intelligent yet entertaining and easily understood story to the audience.

    Do whatever you feel this weekend just don’t miss TEPK, the biggest epic from bollywood in 2017. At least so far.






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