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  • An overstretched comedy caper comic only in parts

    Madan Mohan Marwah

    Desimartini | Updated - March 23, 2014 10:54 AM IST
    3.5DM (1647 ratings)
    1.9Critic (6 ratings)

    Verdict - A romcom + sitcom which one can see for entertainment value though boring at places

    Total SiyapaaWatch trailerRelease date : March 07, 2014

    Making people laugh is a very serious job and all actors/ directors know it only too well. While making a sitcom of 23 minutes is itself quite challenging ,making a full length of 2 hour plus duration to engage the audience calls for superlative talent.
    This movie is one more unsuccessful effort in presenting a full length comedy of situations though everyone is trying hard it appears. It is comic at times but there are many places where it gets dreary and monotonous. In some ways it is like stretching a half hour episode to a feature by adding peripheral characters, songs and not so relevant scenes.
    The plot is about a crazy dysfunctional Punjabi family in London where the young working girl Yami brings her Pakistani boyfriend Ali to meet her family and all kinds of comic situations which crop up. The family consists of
    1. The girl herself,a PYT desperately in love with her Pakistani boyfriend and not clear what all the fuss is about.
    2. The girl's mother a loud mouthed hysterical Punjabi lady trying her best to remain cool
    3. The girl's sister (with 5 year old daughter) who wants her husband to apologize and take her back while she tries to seduce young Ali just for fun!
    4. This little 5 year old girl pretending to be pregnant with a pillow stuffed under her dress and watching DDLJ
    5. The senile visually challenged grandfather making bad jokes and  sleepwalking around with knives for no reason at all
    6. The girl's brother who hates his Paki neighbors and is perpetually wanting to bash them up with hockey sticks
    7.The girl's brother in law ,the miser who is on the look out for free stuff to give his wife in order to bring her back
    8. Last but not least, the girl's father who suffers amnesia due to a hit on the head with container of frozen soup ( yes you read right ) and lands up with a hooker
    I cant blame you if your head is already spinning thinking of all possible comic situations which can take place. Like Kirron Kher says that it is a totally mad family.
    Direction is just about OK but cannot do enough to sustain audience interest after a point. Ultimately it is engaging only in parts. The is some good banter among characters on Indo Pak relations but not exactly comedy.
    Kirron Kher carries the entire film with her good acting supported by Yami who looks cute with her fair n lovely looks and Ali as the handsome confused boyfriend. It is ironical that Kirron's real life husband Anupam Kher gives his worst performance in a poorly written role and these scenes drag the film down.

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  • Madan Mohan Marwah

    Madan Mohan Marwah

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    An overstretched comedy caper comic only in parts

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