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  • You want to be Trapped in Trapped!

    Samedha Arora (3,176 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - March 15, 2017 22:30 PM IST
    3.1DM (4120 ratings)

    Verdict - If you have a taste for good cinema, you cannot miss this riveting survival tale.

    TrappedWatch trailerRelease date : March 15, 2017

    Vikram Motwane's unhackyned directorial debut "Trapped" indeed paves a way in the contemporary story telling for unconventional cinema lovers.

    Trapped proves that a low budget film with no A-star name can enthrall the audience to the spine if one remembers to stay true to the art. Vikram Motwane and the story's lead Rajkumar Rao lives just up to that. Trapped is the kind of movie where you'll be glued till the end because you're so connected to the character, and wise decision on the filmmaker's part that this tale has no interval.

    Trapped is an urban survival drama, taking inspiration from Bear Grylls, this is movie is Man vs wild in a Mumbai high rise building. Shaurya played by Rajkumar Rao, to get together with his lady love he moves into a new apartment on the top floor of an edifice. He has low income job, hence he looks for something that mend his ways. Since Shaurya is in a haste train, he wants an apartment as soon as possible. Things fall in place when he meets a guy who agrees to rent him an apartment in a supposedly abandoned building Things fall out of place when due to a faulty lock and some gauche, he is literally "trapped" in his apartment. Now the reason "trapped" is used in the movie's title is because, he is on the pinnacle of the structure, no electricity, no water, no communication, we just learn the survival story of a meek introvert who is made to embattle his enfeeblement and confront the notions of the reality.

    The great thing about Trapped is, there are no dialogues, just pristine par acting.The film primarly focuses on Shaurya's thoughts, both rational and delusional as the days pass and his countless attempts to break free. He tries slamming the door, he tries shouting out for help, he even tries to burn up the place. The curious question is how he will survive? Because all the doors are closed, and coincidentally his apartment door too, is closed! The superb scene progression does well to capture Shaurya's stress and mental fragility.

    Rajkumar Rao's acting skills linger you in. The impeccable delivery of the character leaves you awestruck. Rao embodies Shaurya and his cumulative development throughout the survival story. He is practically the whole show .With the minimum usage of words, you feel and you feel with him. I hope he bags some critic al acclaim, because Trapped will be put right there with his Aligarh performance.

    The film's score too tends to create dainty atmosphere as we watch the character suffer. It becomes slow paced in between but that is to capture the poetic infliction. The story is very similar to Danny Boyle's 2010 flick, 127 Hours but still unfamiliar in 2017 Bollywood cinema

    .This is an exciting touching film, where you want to be a part of ride and unravel how he manages to hold up till the end. Giving an insight about how he survives would give away too much, you just have to be trapped along with Shaurya. This is a deeply inspirational movie about the human spirit's refusal to give up, but it is also a portrait of a man too much in love with life to let go without a fight. If you have taste for unusual cinema stories and great acting skills, there is no way you can miss this one!

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