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  • One Big Mistake

    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 23, 2017 13:52 PM IST
    2.9DM (15478 ratings)

    Verdict - Salman khan is the biggest problem with this film and that is not a good thing to have in a Salman Khan vehicle.

    TubelightWatch trailerRelease date : June 23, 2017

    In Tubelight, as in the 2015 film The Little Boy this film is inspired by, the protagonist raises his hands and closes his eyes to telepathically move mountains. If only it also helped Salman Khan act, Tubelight would have been a different film. In a role where the actor has clearly bitten way more than he can chew, Tubelight is a big bore.

    Director Kabir Khan's third outing with Salman is a well-intentioned (and well copied) requiem against war and the futility of conflict. Set in the '62 Sino-India war, the film places Salman, a differently abled grown up, in the center of a series of emotional threads and plot lines that he decided to magically solve through his make believe super powers. Salman's character is both indulged and ridiculed by the village he resides in, but through his ways, Kabir Khan delivers yet another saccharine sweet political message and takes a stand about the current political situation in the country.

    What fails this film is Salman Khan. In a role where he needs to act, the star fails miserably and how! Used to relying on his screen presence and off screen charm to push through inane money spinners for more than a decade now, Salman attempts a Ranbir from Barfi, ending up with a bad parody of Hrithik from Koi Mil Gaya. He is insufferably incompetent as an innocent soul with a pure heart because the man just cannot emote, or has forgotten how to.

    Accentuating this problem is a stellar support cast comprising of Zeeshan Ayub and the late Om Puri, who display brilliance by taking meaningless melodramatic drivel for lines and giving them heft and gravitas. If only they were at the center of this film instead of Salman who clearly is out of his depth despite his attempts at moving his facial muscles in an attempt to act!

    It is not the first film where Salman has attempted to tailor his image to suit the good at heart irrespective of what he does otherwise narrative. What started with movies like Jai Ho, reached a crescendo with Bajrangi Bhaijaan, has reached a severe low in Tubelight. Avoid at all costs.

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