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Tumbbad Review

  • Rahul Bharadwaj

    Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - October 16, 2018 10:48 AM IST
    2.7DM (1068 ratings)

    Verdict - A simple tale that delivers solid impact !

    TumbbadRelease date : October 12, 2018

    Most of the movie like the raining village of Tumbbad is grim and gloomy and at the beginning of this observation itself let me inform you that the two biggest strengths that Tumbbad brings to the table is its background score and also its cinematography. These two together lift Tumbbad.

    The movie has been promoted as a tale of horror but largely the horror is about how a man walks into his ruin and most painful death because he refuses to let go of his greed. At no point is the director trying to lecture us but the movie drives its anti-greed message very powerfully.

    The movie is about the legend of Hastar who is trapped inside a womb of a goddess. He has all the wealth of the world but not a morsel of food for himself. Vinayak ( Sohum Shah) discovers this fact , he has been craving for the treasure since childhood, he slowly starts milking this weakness of Hastar and starts living a life of goodness. With age failing him he trains his son to keep bringing the wealth out of Hastar. The son imbibes his father's greed and wants all the treasure from Hastar at once. Father and son duo plan a trap for Hastar but the climax unfolds a deadly end. The movie does end on a positive note with the son realising the folly of greed and walking away from it.

    The movie has a short length it is about 104 minutes long and the director duo have executed a story that never falters from its central point which is the treasure, The movie is told in three chapters - Vinayak's childhood , his youth and his final years. At so many plot points the movie keeps giving us the folly and possible scary results of uncontrolled greed. Like Vinayak's friend Raghav who falls in the same trap and meets his end at the hands of cruel Hastar.

    The movie has some very good acting not just by Sohum Shah but other characters too who have short but well written roles.

    Tumbbad is not your regular horror movie, there are no Ghosts jumping out of a closed door in this one. The movie still will make you feel scared and worried about so many characters walking into death driven by greed.

    Watch this one if you want to see a movie which is publicised as intelligent cinema and actually turns out to be one. That is a rarity in today's Bollywood. Most Intelligent movie makers deliver boring drags actually.

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