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  • flight of simplicity

    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - July 19, 2010 19:44 PM IST
    4.1DM (151 ratings)
    UdaanWatch trailerRelease date : July 16, 2010

    Arts... The stream that is the most abused in our country. The general perception is that if you score less percentage in school you take up arts. Never understood why can't you choose to take up Arts. When there are three options to choose from after schooling why is Arts the last option. Why can't it be the first?

    Udaan is a coming of age story of a boy who wants to fly but his wings are clipped by his father.The beauty of the film lies in telling a story which just pulls you into the life of Rohan. It feels like your are standing next to him and watching what his happening to him. The screenplay does not use any gimmick but rather uses the power of simplicity. On paper this film would've been any producer's nightmare. I bet 90% percent of producers could not get it. So, two thumbs up for Anurag Kashyap to come on board and produce Udaan. We need more producers who can read,understand & judge a script on it's own merit rather than asking for a narration. It's filled with moments which make you go back in time and relive your teenage years, moments that give you goose bumps, moments that make you cry, in moments like these lies the magic of Udaan. You might just go through a catharsis watching this film. Vikramadtiya makes a super confident debut which gives out a very clear signal that he is here to tell a good story. Bahot rulaaya yaar, par rone mein itna mazaa kabhi nahi mila. With this film we the audience have taken a leap of faith with Vikramaditya Motwane. Please don't disappoint us with your next one. Rajat Barmecha makes a good debut,earnest & honest. Ronit Roy pitches his performance so well that by the end of the film you feel for the character knowing that in an ideal situation you should hate him like you hate a villain. But here he is not a villain, he is just a flawed human being. Ram Kapoor's performance will remind you of your own favorite chacha or mama. But the one person who just touched my heart and made me cry was Aayan Boradia. For me the film was running in two parallel's. Rohan's story & Arjun's story. Clap clap for Vikram for extracting such a nuanced & balanced performance from Aayan. His silence made me cry. Special mention to Kunal Sharma & Dipika Kalra. Kunal's sound design is so subtle and blends beautifully into the story that you almost forget this film had a sound designer. Dipika's edit brings out the magic in the moments. Though the film does not have much scope for music, Amitabh B's lyrics stay with you more than Amit T's music. It keeps on playing in the head. Also whoever wrote Rohan's poems (i guess it is Anurag) should record it and add it to the soundtrack of the film. Actually Anurag should recite those poems.

    Final Few Words: Udaan is for the one who rebelled and the one who didn't. It is for the parent who never understood the term, generation gap. It is for the parent who wants to teach their children how to lead their life. If Inception is the most complex powerful Hollywood film of the year so far, Udaan is the most powerful yet simple Hindi film of the year so far.

    Ratings : **** (awesome,fantastic,mind blowing)

    Ticket Meter : Rs 90 /- (would pay Rs 200/- for this one).

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