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Good Intentions Marred by Bad Execution!

  • Krishna Sripada

    Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - November 30, 2014 8:26 AM IST
    3.5DM (1116 ratings)

    Verdict - Watch it if you don't like idling away your weekends yawning. But can you stop yawning here?

    UngliWatch trailerRelease date : November 28, 2014

    Rensil D'Silva's, who wrote the screenplay for Rang De Basanti undid a lot of good work by directing Kurbaan, a half-baked movie on terrorism and how it has infiltrated society. Now he is back with a movie that aims to connect with the 20 -25 angry young people of the country, a target audience that could well overlap the target audience for KJo movies.

    Ungli by Dharma Productions is an attempt at justifying Vigilante actions. A group of youngsters led by Abhay(Randeep Hooda) decide to avenge the comatic condition of their friend by taking on the corrupt and powerful in the city. Masked in black, they go about targeting some corrupt officials, making videos and uploading them, thus garnering popularity. The group which has a computer engineer, a medical intern and a crime reporter manages, thanks to their physical training and smartness, successfully pull many stunts, until Ashok Kale(Sanjay Dutt), an honest ACP is handed their case. Ashok decides to rope in Nikhi(Emraan Hashmi), a disinterested cop, with a whacky bent of mind. How Emraan helps Ashok get to the gang and how the vigilante effort ends up impacting Kale makes for the rest of the movie.

    Ungli, to be fair to the makers, is a well-intentioned attempt. It manages to get a good star-cast together - Sanjay Dutt, with a melancholic, intense, cynical look, Emraan with his why am I here and not kissing women on the beach look, Randeep Hooda, the smart and charming crime reporter with a thinking mind. Between them the movie moves along decently well. Where the movie lacks is in characterization and how they fit into the story. For a vigilante group, the suggestion that they turn killers to save themselves, comes as a shocker, shows how most do-gooders have misplaced intentions. The angst and the lack of thought is clearly visible in everyone apart from Abhay. Randeep's Abhay is the saving grace in a movie, where most characters have been wasted away, whether it is Neha Dhupia' Teestha, a journo who is seen only in a couple of frames, doing nothing or Kangna Ranaut, part of the Ungli team, driven by emotions and a bad accent.

    The movie is a chocolate coated version of a serious vigilante movie. It hurtles towards a decent climax with a plot that tries to be innovative as to how corruption and bribery can be exposed. Nevertheless, even that scheme is ridden with plotholes, especially when the most powerful fixer(Mahesh Manjrekar) is shown careless, casual and dumb in the way he exposes himself. Miilap Zaveri's dialogues are a disappointment end to end, kischy and cliched, like trying to rhyme Dandi and Danda, or whiskey and its getting diluted by tears. Apart from these cringeworthy dialogues, Rensil's screenplay is slow, even for a short movie. In spite of so much content and so many options, the movie slows down to a terrible level when it should have been brimming with ideas and activities. All in all Ungli touches a decent concept and yet fails in the way it appears finally on the screen. It is a classy example of how some filmmakers are made for some kinds of cinema and how filmmakers carve their niche in genres.

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