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    Rahul Bharadwaj (9,120 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 01, 2018 14:14 PM IST
    2.8DM (29819 ratings)

    Verdict - Three level below third class ! go for it if you are tired and want to sleep in a comfortable chair with powerful AC on !

    Veere Di WeddingWatch trailerRelease date : June 01, 2018

    Director Shashank Ghosh should take a bow. You get A lister performers like Kareena Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar and then you deliver a zilch movie. It takes some effort to do this. This movie is mostly suffering from a me-woman-can-do-what-a-man-can-do syndrome. Now that is fine. Women deserve quality and there is no dout about that. The problem is this is supposed to be a whacky movie with a pinch of emotions and is supposed to make you laugh and pull at your heart and probably even make you love these women. It does none of it.

    The first flaw of Veery ki Wedding is its casting Kareena Kapoor who plays Kalindi/Kalu in the movie gets the lion share screen moments and while she is sincere in her acting she also looks jaded. Fact of the matter is that good looking though she is , she no longer looks a around 30 year old getting married. She is frankly not very convincing with those emotions her confused and pained expressions are more of a woman who has been married for sometime and is planning a divorce.
    The movie has too many sub plots and too many emotion points which director fails to connect. Given the screen time and the fact that four characters had their moments to be pushed in the screenplay has become shallow and the moments of emotions particularly the ones where the friends end up discussing the dark secrets or problems of their lives look completely artificial and forced.

    The abuses and comedy moments are also to an extent contributing to the fact that this one is pretending as a mee too delhi style comedy movie.
    Manoj Pahwa is wasted totally. Vivek Mushran,Swara Bhasker and Shikha Talsania are good and try to make the pain of this movie a little less.

    The only good thing is the sweet and well presented different beings attract love story that evolves between Bhandari and Sonam Ksapoor’s Avni.

    Avoid this one in any case by June 20th this one should be on TV.
    This one deserves a consumer case forget a zero star but desimartini does not allow you to go below half so half it is.

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