A Punjabi Wedding Fiesta

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    Veere Di WeddingRelease date : June 01, 2018

    Over the weekend, a group of friends slipped on matching dresses, tan heels and hit the road to the nearest movie theatre. Half an hour into ‘Veere Di Wedding' I could hear them whispering over my shoulders, how they knew exactly where they were going to be 10 years from now; ‘A Best Friend's Wedding'. I couldn't agree more.

    It seems like just yesterday we were all a couple of teenagers goofing around and soon enough our high school sweethearts, friends at college and colleagues from work were all pairing up to take the vows. Veere Di Wedding felt more like behind the scenes from your best friend's wedding you'd been to or that long lost friend's wedding you've been secretly planning to sneak into.

    The film proves that the central quartet might be inspired by the foursome in ‘Sex and the City 2'. The only thing that Veer Di Wedding did not impersonate from Michael Patrick King's, Sex and the City was the four-abreast catwalk down the streets of Manhattan. Regardless of whether Veere Di Wedding was a carbon-copy of the American Romantic Comedy or not, the splendid contemporary vintage themed sets, the zingy color palettes and the art direction by Musa Husain were a creative force to reckon with.

    Veere Di Wedding starts with a lovely flashback of the four veere. And then breaks the silence when Kalindi's (Kareena Kapoor) boyfriend gets down on one knee and pops the question. Despite her parent's unhealthy marriage, Kalindi casts away her insights and decides to rely on her gut by saying ‘yes' to the proposal. This follows adults going gaga for the betrothed couple and their plans for a Big Fat Punjabi Wedding.

    The veere in the movie is the quintessential urban girl squad with that one friend who is dealing with broken families (Kalindi -Kareena Kapoor), another pal who is married to a white guy (Meera- Shikha Talsania), one buddy who lives off her rich dad (Sakshi-Swara Bhaskar) and the other who has a kick-ass career but whose mother nags around hunting for guys in matrimonial sites (Avni-Sonam Kapoor).

    Sumeet Vyas plays the honest groom-to-be who is swayed by the various family rituals. There is one scene during the engagement ceremony when Rishabh and Kalindi are perched on a moon. It is so hideous that every time I think of it the sound of the audience bursting into laughter resonates. The witty encounters were all well executed and it was moments like these which uplifted the movie from its lackadaisical plot.

    The distinctive characters of all the four women were aced by the actors who played them. Be it the cigarette spewing Sakshi who is on the verge of getting a divorce, Meera who is stressed out about raising her only son, Avni who is chasing Mr. Perfect for his hand in marriage and Kalindi who is still grieving over her mother's demise, longing for her father deep inside.

    At a certain point of time, I didn't quite get where the movie was heading but I knew it was heading someplace fun. Vishwas Kini as Bhandari slayed every minute on screen. And the love-hate relationship between Bhandari and Avni was a treat! Keeping all the male-dominance and women empowerment pseuds aside, movies run for a purpose, which is to Entertain. Does Veer-Di- Wedding Entertain you? Oh yes, it does! With all the wedding movies hitting theatres this season, who do you think would be the first to marry the love of her/his life in your squad?

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