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Ambigous yet immense fun

  • Ameet Bhuvan

    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 11, 2013 9:48 PM IST
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    Verdict - Entertaing as a film, flawed as a message

    Vicky DonorWatch trailerRelease date : April 20, 2012

    Vicky Donor plays around with stereotypes with the ease of an adolescent fiddling with a pack of condoms for the first time-part knowingly; part unknowingly and with loads of fun.

    Vicky, played by debutant Ayushman, is a Punjabi from Delhis refugee colony who does nothing for a living while his mom runs a beauty parlor to make ends meet. He is spotted by infertility doctor Chadha, played by Anu Kapoor, who gets him to becoming a sperm donor. How this tryst with his swimmers gets Vicky onto a roller coaster of a ride is the crux of the movie.

    The first half of the film is a treat- Punjabi/Delhi life with all its warts and quirks is on ample display, so is some superb characterization. Vickys widow mother, Chadhas assistant, the mandatory neighbor bimbo, the characters are all stereotypes, yet immensely entertaining. Dialogues and situations are slice of life, making light of the issue at hand. The film lessens the humor quotient post interval as it flounders a bit in trying to give the story a logical end only to find its footing in the climax. The high point for me was definitely the grand Bong vs Punju clash that culminates in a wonderfully chirpy wedding post intermission.

    Ayushman and leading lady Yami make a very confident and impressive debut. Both deliver a good performance and have a pleasing screen presence. Anu Kapoor as Chadha is his reliable old self making the character his own, beautifully bringing merging the do-gooder doc and the shrewd businessman out to satisfy his patients at any cost. The film has too many songs which thankfully run only as background pieces without hampering the pace.

    Yet, all is not well with Vicky Donor. While it is entertaining throughout, it handles the issue at hand with ambiguity that is unpardonable for a film that opens with a self-assumed moral purpose flashing statistics on infertility in the nation and aiming to de-stigmatize sperm donation. Infertility clinics like Chadhas in the film are as common as the local photocopy kiosks all across the country and not every experience in these places is as pleasant as in the movie. Why is artificial insemination the only answer to infertility when there are thousands of orphans crying for love and care from parents is beyond understanding and certainly beyond the scope of the makers of this film.

    And then there is the cop-out ending making one wonder if the adoption would be as easily acceptable to the couple and the family if the child werent sired by the fathers sperm. Vicky Donor is afraid to take a stand on anything related to the sensitive issue and that is the movies greatest flaw.

    Perhaps Vicky Donor does not intend to answer these more serious issues on infertility. The film is at the mental level of a carefree irreverent bachelor twenty-something; eliciting enough laughs from innuendos and hints at the donation.

    Does it make a strong case for sperm donation? No. does it make for a good evening watch? Definitely yes. Go for it.

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