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this sperm connects !!!

  • Inspector VIjay

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - March 17, 2013 4:57 PM IST
    4.1DM (2776 ratings)

    Verdict - fun film with a heart

    Vicky DonorWatch trailerRelease date : April 20, 2012

    Its been almost 7 years since Yahaan released & since then director Shoojit Sircar has had no releases, albeit one interesting looking Johnny Mastana which is prepared yet in the cans. With some great promos & a fresh topic, does Vicky Donor deliverpun intended.
    Funny, quirky & real, this Punjabi dish has been served with its heart in place. Great going for John Abraham on his first production.

    Vicky Arora(Ayushmann Khurana) is your typical Delhi launda who loves his jackets, brash-talk & fancy brands. His mother runs a beauty parlour & he is looking for work. Dr Baldev Chadda(Annu Kapoor) is an infertility specialist on the lookout for his Aryan-race Sperm donor. He stumbles upon Vicky & hounds him to fill the cup. The lure of money draws our hero in & his life changes as he starts raking in the moolah. Along the way he comes across a girl-next-door Bengali banker Ashima Roy(Yami Gautam) whom he sets his heart on. The catch is that she doesnt know hes a Donor. What happens from there is the tribulations of their relationship & how they find their way around it.

    Just above 2 hours, the film packs in a good dose of humour & emotions. The lingo is majorly Punjabi but is easy to get by. The beauty of the film lies in its authenticity as each character is etched marvellously by writer (dialogue, story & screenplay) Juhi Chaturvedi.
    The songs by Abhishek-Akshay are superb as there is a mix of everything.

    Though the film looks like its made on a tight budget, it doesnt harm the overall experience as it is set in old school Delhi.

    The performances of this film are the true stars as first timer Ayushmann makes a stellar debut as he charms his way through the role. He is a complete natural as the C-block munda who encompasses the archetypal Delhi boy.
    The supporting cast is equally terrific (if not better). Special mentions for Annu Kapoor who along with Dolly Ahluwalia(forward thinking grandmom) & Jayanta Das(Ashimas Bengali Dad) steal the show .

    Director Shoojit Sircar hits the nail on the head as he churns out an entertaining film with the right dose of emotions.

    All in all, this one is a must watch this weekend & is only let down by a slight 2nd half slowdown in the narrative. If nothing, one must see this only for the great performances on display & a hilarious yet real Punjabi marriage sequence in the film.

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    vicky donor

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    vicky donor

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    vicky donor

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