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A Classy, Refreshingly Vibrant, and Youthful Coming of Age Story……….......

  • Shashank Shekhar

    Shashank Shekhar (5,104 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - July 13, 2019 5:35 PM IST
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    Verdict - Wake Up Sid !! is a charming movie that captivates your soul and provides visual pleasure at the same time,.....leaving you spellbound......

    Wake Up SidWatch trailerRelease date : October 02, 2009

    After two back to back flops such as Saawariya & Bachna Ae Haseeno, Ranbir Kapoor was touted as another flop start-son and was given the tag of second Abhishek Bacchan. But, this movie not only resurrected his career, but also established him as a heartthrob amongst the youth and the ladies especially.

    But, most importantly this urban suave drama based in Mumbai also was a landmark movie in terms of self-discovery among the youth, which was a fresh departure from the DDLJ inspired rom-coms that were the staple diet in Bollywood those days around 2009.

    Directed by Ayan Mukherjee, who also gave us a fresh, novel, and entertaining movie like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and is currently working on the first part of the Bramhastra triology, the movie stars Ranbir Kapoor as Sid, Konkana Sen Sharma as Aisha Banerjee, and the supporting cast includes Anupam Kher as Sid’s Dad, Rahul Khanna, Supriya Pathak, Namit Das, Shruti Bapna, Kashmira Shah, & Kainaz Motivala.

    The music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is fantastic and soothing to the ears as tracks like Aaj Kal Zindagi, Kya Karoon, Wake Up Sid, Iktara, are not only melodious but also they make you feel energetic and joyous at the same time. Further, the writing, cinematography, film editing, art direction, costume design, and sound department are all fantastic and make the movie’s grammar relatable to at least the urban audience of the country. But, the icing on the cake is that the direction & acting is so splendid that the whole cast and crew succeed in creating the world on celluloid that any youngster would love to be part of and this very endearing aspect of the movie makes it a cult classic among the audience.

    Not only in terms of its story and content, but in terms of the visual quality as well, the movie is a splendid watch as the movie explores various glorious shades of the creative profession and the cool workplaces of the creative people like journalist & a photographer. The movie gives also makes the audience experience several colorful moments and jolly emotions that make the ticket fee and time invested worthwhile.

    But, the performance and chemistry of the unusual casting pair of Ranbir Kapoor and Konkana Sen Sharma are the biggest strengths of this movie as they not only light up the silver screen with their gracious looks & charming presence, but also this movie has discovered a new plethora of talent in the form of Ranbir Kapoor as he emotes effortlessly at the right moment, plays the manchild character with ease, hits the right notes of emotions of comedy, romance, sorrow, and presents a likeable personality in front of you, which does not let you take your eyes off the screen. Besides his performance, his chocolaty face and lean personality also play a key role in making the film a success as the colourful T-shirts suit his lean and lanky personality.

    Overall, Wake Up Sid is a pleasant & eye opening new age story which revolves around the blossoming and maturation of the spilt rich brat named Sid and it also teaches you that waking up in life means that not you realize your responsibilities, but if you should have the sensibility & guts to follow your calling or passion, then there is no need for too much struggle as life becomes a playground in which you can play with your rules and your ambitions.

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