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  • Prabhu Deva "WANTED" dead or alive

    Gaurav Gadre

    Desimartini | Updated - August 04, 2010 06:37 AM IST
    4.2DM (355 ratings)
    Wanted - Dead or AliveRelease date : September 18, 2009

    Finally I decided to watch 'Wanted' after all the praise and box office acclaim it has been getting. After 10 minutes into the movie I realized what I was in for. I continued just to see how worse the film can get than the first 10 minutes. I have just one question for Prabhu Deva. What in the world was he thinking when he made this movie?

    Radhey, yes thats Sallu's name in the movie, is a big time thug. There are 2 gangs in mumbai and are fighting with each other over area possession. Sallu joins one of the gangs and there are random action sequences where he kills around 1578 people alone. Utimately a major suspense is revealed which changes the whole dynamics of the movie. Oh yeah and there is a tharki cop in between too played by Mahesh Manjrekar. I don't know why he was there the whole time.

    This movie has only masala with a tadka of some hot chilli powder, garnished with some more masala. The entire movie has a south india look and feel attached to it and makes Akshay's kung fu in CC2C look awesome. There are random characters and random filler scenes in the movie which have absolutely no relation to the main plot. The main villain is shown to have a sense of humor which is extremely funny in the end, not because of the content but because it goes all wrong. In fact the entire movie can easily fit into Sajid Khan's ham scene section.

    One example of the amazing jokes you will witness in this movie. Salman and Ayesha get locked in a lift. So Salman blows air over Ayesha's face since she is feeling hot. So ayesha asks him "Vicco Vajradanti?". Salman nods in approval and Ayesha goes "Me too!"

    This movie was tailor made for Rajnikant, but Prabhu Deva took a risk and casted Salman Khan instead. Result? The movie turns out to be a huge grosser.

    The movie has horrible music. I did not like even 1 song.

    There is no acting in this movie, only hamming. Negative points for the main villain.

    Prabhu Deva, please stick to dancing and choreography. Please do not attempt another movie and make me hate you.

    Rating: Definitely skip it.

    P.S. You can definitely watch it in a group if you are desperately in need of some senseless laughs. Watch out 'Gunda' your throne is challenged.

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