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  • Whats Your stamina??

    Gaurav Gadre

    Desimartini | Updated - July 19, 2010 23:40 PM IST
    3.1DM (100 ratings)
    What's your Rashee?Watch trailerRelease date : September 25, 2009

    Ashutosh Gowarikar is known to make movies with mammoth running times. Lagaan, Swades and Jodha Akbar were all well above 3 hrs of running time. Whats your Raashee is no different. It has a humongous running time of 210 minutes which is a killer blow to the movie.

    Some may believe that the previous movies absolutely needed all the content and hence were justified to be that long. Unfortunately WYR doesn't fall into the same category. It can easily be cut short by a good 30-35 minutes which could have helped the film's cause so much more. Don't get me wrong I loved the movie but the length does hamper the final impact of the movie. In a day and age when people opt for Twenty20 over ODIs because you get entertained in a short span of time, you just have to respect the audience's patience.

    Yogesh Patel(Harman.. oops sorry "Hurman" Baweja) is an NRI who comes down to India and his family decides to get him married off so that he inherits his grandfather's wealth according to his will. A lot of pressure is put on Yogesh as it will solve the family's monetary problems. Finally Yogesh gives in and decides to marry but has a condition. He will meet only 1 girl from each zodiac sign and then take his decision.

    So he meets one girl after the other (different characters played by Priyanka) which are in essence 12 different short stories with one common factor, Yogesh.

    Every story has a mandatory song in it, which I believe is the BIGGEST mistake. For some of the girls you instantly know that she is going to be rejected but we have to sit through a 5 minute song which is totally hampering the movie's flow, tempo and ofcourse length. I can easily count up to 6 songs which could have been either cut short or left out which alone reduces the movie by 25-30 minutes.

    Now the good part. The movie is full of fall of the seat humor. It has amazing one liners and punch lines. I remember laughing off my seat whenever I got to see the movie in between the songs. It has some touchy feely moments too which were executed pretty well. The songs which do matter are very well shot. Especially the concept of the recap song was very creative.

    Personally, I loved the music. Especially 4-5 songs are just too good. But when you see them in the context of the movie you are disappointed coz most of them were not needed in the movie. None the less hats off to Suhail Sen for striking gold in his first outing. Rahman's shoes were not small ones to fill in.

    This movie belongs to Priyanka Chopra and is another feather in her already amazing crown of performances. What a brilliant job she does! The walk, the talk, the posture, the small small mannerisms, the smile, the anger, the puzzled look. I can just go on and on. I was simply awed by her performance. I take back my statement of calling her today's Kajol. She is right there at the top beside Kajol in the list of amazing actresses of all time.
    Hurman put in a very sincere effort. I couldnt help it but find a similarity to Hrithik though, which seriously works against him. All the other character artistes were good too but they have appeared in almost all Gowarikar movies and you cant help but imagine them as the previous characters that they have played. For e.g. whenever Yogesh's grandpa came on screen I couldn't help but think of the farmer in swades saying "Jo Kabhi nahi jaati.. ussi ko jaati kehte hai".

    Ashutosh does it again and shows why he is a brilliant director. If only he can take it in his stride to chop down his movies it would work wonders according to me. I hope he takes the feedback and re-releases a lite version of this movie with 30-40 mins of less playing time.

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